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Hosts: Ramon Ramirez, Logan Youree, J.C. Deleon & Elliott Fontenette

It has long been held that geeks and sports mix about as well as Jedis and Siths. A farcical, but formidable barrier has been established between the world of jocks and the world of passionate cinephiles. That barrier is precisely what the boys of Inside The Locker are here to knock down. Ramon, Logan, J.C., and Elliott are the ultimate sports nerds and they are offering a haven for those who live on both sides of the fence. We stand for those who believe that professional football teams should be named after Marvel supervillains; those whose interests take them from The Astro Dome all the way to Thunder Dome. We may have been stuffed into the lockers in junior high because we were geeks, but we were reading the sports page while we were in there. Pop open the locker door and join us, it’s bigger on the inside. Follow the show on Twitter:
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BadgeReady for the Big Game

The end of the NFL season is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited for the big game. This week Ramon, Logan, and J.C. get hyped about the latest happenings with the NFL, the historic Formula 1 drama, and catch up with the NBA. All that plus our thoughts on The Last Jedi right here on Inside the Locker.

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BadgeGoodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

It’s been real 2016 but now it’s time to get the eff out of here because 2017 is here and we can’t be more excited. Join the crew for our last gathering of 2016 as we discuss the NFL playoff picture, Rogue One, politics, and so much more.

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BadgeCoaching Changes & Playoff Predictions

No matter if you fantasy team has got you down, or your coach makes you frown, don’t worry, be happy. The boys are back (minus Elliott) for another excited episode of Inside The Locker. This week we tackle coaching changes, Vince Young rumors, NBA storylines, and we give you our predictions on how the College Football Playoffs will play-out. All that plus a story of inspiration and faith from Ramon.

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BadgeTable Manners

The Cubs wins the World Series, Donald Trump is President Elect, Tony Romo is no longer the man in Dallas. It’s been quite a month. We’re back to discuss all of these things plus spoil The Arrival for Ramon so skip to 9:50 when prompted if you haven’t seen that.

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BadgeHot Seats and High Tensions

Welcome back for your favorite home for hot takes and hotter seats. This week we take a look at the current Fantasy Football landscape, the dismissal of Les Miles, early impressions of the NBA, plus Elliott and Ramon tensely debate the differences of coaching college football and the NFL. All this plus Austin traffic on this week’s episode.

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BadgeThe (Almost) Lost Episode

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Inside the Locker. So some stuff happened and we had some technical difficulties (which mostly didn’t involve alcohol). Because of that we almost lost this episode, instead you’re getting it a week late. The good news is you can now laugh and how totally wrong we were on pretty much every pick we made.

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BadgeFootball is Back!

Welcome back to Inside the Locker, your #1 source for NFL hot takes. This week Ramon, J.C., Elliott, and Logan celebrate the return of our guiltiest pleasure, football. Who will win the Super Bowl this year? Who will crash the CFB Playoffs? Who does Ramon think you should vote for? Find out the answers to all of this plus Penny barking on this week’s show.

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BadgeQB Picks & Trump Pics

Welcome back to another episode of Inside the Locker, your go-to source for fantasy football and political coverage. This week Ramon, J.C., Elliott and Logan discuss what you should be looking for in your fantasy quarterbacks and why drafting running backs early is a losing proposition. Come for the football, stay for the Trump penis conversation.

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BadgeThe Rio Olympics are Nigh!

Welcome back for a special summer edition of Inside the Locker, the podcast that only tests as mildly risky for viral contamination. This week Ramon, Elliott, J.C., and Logan are back to discuss the 2016 Rio Olympics, the NBA finals, wedding engagements, and much more. Don’t watch a second of water polo without listening to our in-depth analysis and insights. Un mundo novo.

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Badge3/15/16: “Penny is a real Draymond Green”

Welcome back to inside the locker! On this episode the gang dissects the NBA finals from every meaningful angle and then we pivot to Ramon’s dog chewing cords. From there: OJ Simpson! Revising new first-person shooter Overwatch! All the soccer you can handle!

Also, Brown Coats can find bonus ITL content in their subscription lounge!

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Badge Colin Cowherd Follows Ramon on Twitter

We’re back with a robust digest of the month in sports: 5 NFL rookies you need to know about; a hot mock NBA draft; postseason breakdowns; Chicago Cubs optimism; and what the heck is a Leicester City. All of that plus… Where in the world is Elliott?

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BadgeWhat Happens in the NFL Draft Stays in the NFL Draft

Inside the Locker is back to cover the 2016 NFL Draft. Which QB will the Rams draft? Will the Cowboys take on another risky pick? Who will trade up? Who are the picks to look for? All of this plus our favorite Prince moments on this week’s show.

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Welcome back to another blazing episode of Inside the Locker, the most divisive podcast on iTunes. This week we tackle the greatest match-ups in pop-culture today. Batman vs Superman, critics vs fans, city taco wars, and more! Which side will you choose?

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Badge2 Minute Warning Too

Welcome back to Inside the Locker, the most enigmatic podcast on iTunes. The 2 minute warning is back with some more quick takes on the topics that you demand to know about. Should we talk about these longer? Probably, but we don’t play like that and 2 minutes is all we can manage without setting fire to the place. You’re welcome.

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BadgeITL Blockbuster Challenge

Welcome to inside the locker. Today, our ITL blockbuster challenge. The five of us will each draft six films, and whoever has the team with the largest opening weekend box office gross wins a $25 Applebee’s gift card. Should Superman or Captain America go no. 1 overall?

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Badge2 Minute Warning

Welcome back to inside the locker, the no. 1 podcast on iTunes. Today, our two-minute warning: we’ll discuss basically every hot-button issue for only two minutes. Now take a deep breath and follow along…

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BadgeWhat Happens in the Locker Stays in the Locker

Welcome back to Inside the Locker, the most intimidating podcast on the Internet. This week we talk NBA trades, inappropriate hero worship, The Life of Pablo, O.J., the future of comic book movies, and more. All of this plus technical difficulties, Penny making a ruckus, and the triumphant return of Adam on Inside the Locker.

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BadgeIt’s the Big Game! (TM)

In this episode, we talk about the Super Bowl. Every prop bet. From every angle. With intense predictions. Don’t bet on the big game without listening.

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BadgeOur Star Wars and Bowl Predictions Are Probably Wrong

Welcome to the year-end spectacular. It’s been a soaring pleasure to sail with you guys during this season-opening new era of ITL. Today we discuss top fives across music, film, and pop culture then settle into SPORTS. College football, NBA talk, and five burning questions to close out the season. Here’s hoping your fantasy team is still alive. And see you in 2016!

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BadgeGreen Bay Hail Mary

This week on a very special Inside the Locker the guys discuss Black Friday triumphs, Kobe’s retirement, and Green Bay Hail Marys. That plus the best movie franchises to sports franchises parallels from your favorite sports geeks.

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BadgeMeasured and Meditative

Welcome back to another limited edition of Inside the Locker–the most measured and meditative pod on the Web. It’s fantasy playoff season, and we have a series of unmissable tips. Then we pause to talk about what we’re thankful for, before dissecting college football’s succulent slate of rivalry week games. We talk historic hoops, coaching carousels, and NFL picks. In the spirit of the season we talk Black Friday game plans, and then Elliott details his deep passion for Netflix’s Jessica Jones.

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BadgeTakin’ Care of Blizzness

Welcome to the hardest podcast in existence. Here we dissect the NFL and assess what went wrong with our preseason picks. Then we break down esports and LA’s Blizzcon with our guest and best reporter Callum Leslie. All of this and interruptions to clean up dog waste on Inside the locker.

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BadgeFrom Football with Love

Welcome to another episode of Inside The Locker, the game’s hardest podcast. Today we briefly dissect the latest Bond, then slide into belated NBA preview talk–is the Western Conference already down to two contenders?

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BadgeHey, You Can See the Cubs Losing From Here

Welcome friends to another episode of the game’s hottest podcast. Tonight, the gang mourns the Chicago Cubs and baseball at large a week after declaring their title and inevitability. Then JC gives you five reasons to get JACKED BRO about the NBA season, which tips off in mere days.

From there we breakdown college football and it spawns a brutal argument. And fresh off debuting on Monday Night Football, we dissect the Star Wars trailer like 7th graders with frogs. All that and NFL lines, on the MF ITL cast.

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BadgeHam and Eggs

Welcome to another episode of the hardest-boozing podcast in show business. On this episode we dissect the five biggest story lines in college football, jinx the Cubs maybe, and then binge on NFL action. Ham and eggs, coming at you.

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BadgeFood Poisoning & Flu Won’t Keep Us Down!

Welcome to another episode of the hardest-working podcast in show business. On this episode Adam has the flu, Logan has food poisoning. But Elliott, JC, and Ramon make time to ride out the shallow bench.

On the docket: entitlement, toxic masculinity, our Week 5 NFL picks. We diagnose what’s wrong with Texas football, and noted soccer authority Stephen Whiting of dials in to preview Saturday’s high-stakes USA-Mexico showdown in the sold out, 93,000-strong rose bowl.

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BadgeLit Pope

Welcome back to another episode of the heaviest podcast working. Today we welcome Jon Ridewood to the desk and play a new game called “lit or nah?” We’ll explain though, spoiler, we all think the pope is pretty lit. From there, Elliott debuts his pope power rankings.

Lastly we talk racial profiling and Taylor Swift. All that and more on Inside the Locker!

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BadgeWe’ll Do It Live!

Welcome to the first live episode of Inside the Locker. On this one we come out to Puff Daddy’s “Victory” and try not to fuck this up.

We tackle the frittata, Rudy, and Fredo of the week after a tumultuous Week 1. We’ll explain. Then we sound off on some general rants about life, liberty, Donald Trump, and the pursuit. Adams gets mad about Ronda Rousey for some reason. Then all of your hot Week 2 picks. This time against the spread.

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BadgeNew Fall Lineups

Welcome back to Inside the Locker: It’s time to rundown the batch of random, new culture that will be infecting our time this fall. That’s film, TV, music, video games, and comics. It’s all a bit much, but the starting five leaves with some strong recommendations. Are you in on the new Heroes? Should you be watching the Netflix Marvel stuff as that mini-universe bloats? Can you believe they’re making Limitless into a series? And fucking Minority Report??

Adam and J.C. debate the merits of Aaron Sorkin. Ramon tells you what hot records you need to buy and takes shots at people who own vinyl. Logan outlines the season’s hottest video game joints.

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Welcome back to another episode of ITL–your official no flex zone. First, we reflect about our recent fantasy draft and argue. Mistakes were made.Then we spend probably too much time talking about participation trophies: Are they stupid? Do they stunt childhood development? Or are they important teasers for small children? Five men who aren’t dads argue.We also break down the NFC South and AFC South–telling you will win and in what order they’ll finish.

Ten years later, we also reflect about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans–and how it changed the course of modern sports.

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BadgeFantasy Cheat Codes: Tight End

This is a critical but tonally different episode. Elliott and Adam are out on loan this week, and so friend of the pod and writer extraordinaire Jon Ridewood sits in to talk about moving back from New York City a few days ago, and more pressingly football. As such, we were maybe drinking less and it’s a fairly NPR-esque, buttoned-up show. We promise that’s an irregularity.

We talk about Against Football, a book that attacks our beloved game’s very existence with righteous and biting conviction. This discussion serves as a preview for an upcoming print interview with author Steve Almond you can read Aug. 30 on the Kernel.

In our fantasy cheat code series, we talk probably too much about what the hell to do at tight end. Then we begin our NFL preview package by telling you how they will finish in the AFC East and the NFC East.Lastly, we talk about what rap albums blew our minds as children.

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BadgeFantasy Cheat Codes: Wide Receivers

In this edition of ITL, the roundtable beams in Adam and cries together. First, an intense dissection of the year’s first college football poll. Team by team until we tell you who will win it all. We may not be right but you know at least you’ll feel something.

First, an intense dissection of the year’s first college football poll. Team by team until we tell you who will win it all. We may not be right but you know at least you’ll feel something. Then our fantasy cheat code series continues with an intensive breakdown of the wide receiver position. Which guys should you target? Is Odell Beckham Jr. worth a first-round pick? We tell you what league-winning moves to make. To close, we give you 3 critical reasons you should be watching the biggest sports league on Earth–the Barclays Premier League. (That’s soccer.)

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BadgeFantasy Cheat Codes: QB

In this week’s episode, the roundtable picks at the #DeflateGate corpse from every possible angle. Then we talk about where you should target Tom Brady and the NFL’s other quarterbacks in your fantasy draft. (Make sure you take notes during this section.)

We later pick apart the Drake and Meek Mill beef, though we didn’t mean to. Then it’s just kind of meandering and drunk and chaotic, but hopefully fairly listenable.

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BadgeFantasy Cheat Codes: RB

This week we breakdown the biggest offseason summer headlines. Then we switch gears and take a deep dive into our fantasy football previews by breaking down the running back position: Where should you target a back? Who do we like this year? What sleepers can win you your league? We try to answer these questions and offer up some cheat codes.

Then… we lie down on the coach and talk about our biggest sports and media disappointments.

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BadgeThe Nintendo Draft

The guys return to the gym tardis to put together their draft picks! No, not for Fantasy Football, but for something far nerdier!

After delving into the headlines, including the latest nonsense Nick Saban said, they draft two heroes, one villain, two sidekicks and one redeemable character from a terrible videogame. In the end, the best squad will be decided by…YOU!

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BadgeWelcome To Season 2!

The new era of Inside the Locker begins with a firework show courtesy of Jason Pierre-Paul! Too soon?

With Ramon at the helm, the guys delve into the meaty philosophical nature of the podcast itself and offer some possible new taglines to sum up what it is that they do! They also discuss 4th of July safety, Women’s World Cup, and the movies they watch on Independence Day!

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“Very special episode” is a term that gets thrown around a lot, and usually it denotes a moment in which a perky young sitcom star makes the tough decision to not give in to peer pressure or, let’s face it, someone gets touched in a bad place.

We’re hoping this episode of Inside the Locker, which may be our most special to date, only touches you in the very best of places. The guys join forces with The Daily Dot to discuss the NBA Finals, the NBA draft lottery, and the Women’s World Cup.

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BadgeIt’s Not Over Until…The Day Before We Post

Well, it happened again. Our streak remains unbroken. What streak you ask? Oh just the streak of recording enough ahead of posting that all of the sports happen by the time we publish!

To wit, congrats to The Golden State Warriors who, not for nothing, we have oft prognosticated would win this series. Added to our now spectacularly dated NBA Finals discussion is mention of The Stanley Cup Finals (also now over, congrats Blackhawks), Stephen A. Smith’s foot-in-mouth disease (may happen again by the time the day is out), and we bid a solemn farewell to the great Christopher Lee with, you guessed it, another game segment!

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BadgeMonsters vs. Goonies

On this week’s show, we talk Caitlyn Jenner, Women’s World Cup, and Serena Williams’ Jordan-like performance while sick.

Of course, we HAD to talk about the NBA Finals (we already feel way behind in our predictions) and we celebrate the life of the late May Ellen Trainor by finally settling the debate between Monster Squad and The Goonies!

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BadgeSummer Halftime Show

Brian, J.C. and Elliott weigh in on which film is the MVP of the summer so far. Will Age of Ultron stand tall…or will Mad Max prove we DO need another hero?

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BadgeInside The Locker: Cards-1, Humanity-0

On this week’s show, we explore the ultimate showdown; the contest that has defined generations and pushed the planet to the brink of war. I’m speaking of course of the pitting of Cards Against Humanity!

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BadgeInside The Locker: The Handoff

The boys from the smelliest tardis imaginable come together over a weekend to discuss Deflate-Gate, Mayweather/Pacquiao, the NBA playoffs, and why only the family from Poltergeist is dealing with a more heinous curse than are The Jacksonville Jaguars!

Our Corner Man also stops by to give his thoughts on the recent “big fight” as well as the latest UFC bouts that make Floyd and Manny look like Laverne and Shirley. We’re not really sure what that means. And of course, Brian creates another game that underscores the whole episode! Put on your thinking helmets and get ready to play The Handoff!

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Badge2015 NFL Draft Live Show!

Oh boy! It’s time to watch the draft!It’s like trying to predict who will win an Oscar by watching studios call up unknown actors for big tentpole movies!

…or something like that!

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BadgeGeek HORSE

On this week’s episode, we take a popular playground b-ball game into yet another signature geek throwdown! Using the trivia cards from the excellent board game Geek Battle, we try and eliminate each other with wrong answers. Who shall prevail?

We also discuss the NBA playoffs, scratch our heads over the inexplicable return of Tebow, nerd out over some very special Star Wars NFL helmet redesigns, and create a giveaway challenge that doubles as a field test of Amazon Prime Now!

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BadgeMost Valuable

We wanted to talk sports for this whole show. We had planned to do nothing but dissect and pontificate about the events and players making headlines this week; delivering mathematical analysis and keen insight.

Then the Star Wars trailer happened.

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BadgeNew Era

Welcome to the new age, to the new age! No, we’re not radioactive, we’re ushering in a new format for Inside the Locker. We realized that as members of that rare breed of geek/sports fan hybrids, most of our off-air conversations about sports take place while we’re doing something else: drinking, barbeque chowing, or playing board games.

Hence, the new format. From now on, we’ll be playing games of our own invention every episode and talking about sports in the process!

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BadgeEpic Fumbles

Here Inside the Locker, we understand fails, we even understand epic fails, but what we can’t really understand is how the Oklahoma City Thunder can lose a game in which three of their players scored 30+ points?!

In honor of this epic fumble, we engage in a roundtable discussion of our favorite projects from the worlds of movies, music, TV, and videogames that managed to fail despite having multiple promising elements. We also break down the best/worst April Fool’s Day jokes from the sports world and almost kinda cover news!

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BadgeMarch Movie Madness

We’ve got the madness, we can feel it coming on! It’s March and we’re losing our minds! What? No, not over college basketball. Why? Is something going on in college basketball?

On this week’s show we also cover some ludicrous headlines and J.C. gives us a wrap-up of the SxSports; including which athletes make him act like a star-struck schoolgirl.

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BadgeHeroes & Traders

Shuffle up and make the deal! NFL free agency is in full swing and it has been absolutely insane this year! As sports nerds, this process is just as exciting for us as that day Marvel announced their entire slate of films for the next eight six years!

Before we get into all the shocking shifts and tumultuous trades, we are going to dig in to a few headlines from outside the NFL. We also engage in a spirited discussion on Seattle “superhero” Phoenix Jones. Is he really a hero, or a misguided interloper? We weigh in and read some of your submitted comments as well.

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BadgeShady Deals and Judo Temple

Shock waves! Shock waves and surprise…novas? Anyway, the trading of LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills not only dropped a lot of jaws within the NFL fanbase, but also represents the end of an era in Philadelphia. Your favorite sports nerds have decided to use this trade as a launching pad for another of their world famous roundtable discussions! When we say, “world famous,” we are of course taking into account that the world is only the size of a failing shopping mall. We chat about those instances of abrupt era-ending within the film and television arena that we consider most noteworthy.

On top of that, we discuss some rather interesting/dopey sports headlines and go a few more rounds with our Corner Man Vincent Smith; detailing the shortest, but most thrilling UFC bouts in some time.

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BadgeFinal Fantasy 2015

Brace yourselves, sports geeks, for The Quickening! On this week’s show, we settle once and for all who runs Bartertown. We chat with the four winners of our four individual Fantasy Football leagues and run them through a trivia gauntlet. You’ll be able to hear highlights of this Quizening as well as listen for the reveal of our grand champion! Prior to this, the guys chew on a few sports headlines and discuss the finer points of llama-wrangling. No, we’re not joking, llama-wrangling was the center of an actual sports story this week.

Congratulations to our “Final Fantasy” champion and we hope you’ll all consider playing fantasy football with the ITL nerds next year.

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You just knew we had to do an Oscar episode here Inside The Locker, and (true to our nature) we talk very little about The Oscars during our Oscar episode.Instead, we stretch the Academy’s categories to apply to the greatest sports moments and figures of the last year. Who did we select as the Best Director (coach), Best Actor (flopper), and Best Film (30 for 30 Documentary)?

But before we get into that, we need to talk about the enormous transactions that took place just before the NBA trade deadline. Seriously, Marvel and DC don’t drop this many bombshells in one day! To help us out, we’ve invited rapper/sports nerd/friend of the show PHZ-Sicks to join in the discussion!

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BadgeJudgement Day

Yeah yeah yeah, the Super Bowl…whatever. The real reason to listen to this episode of Inside the Locker, is that we sports nerds may have completely broken The Terminator franchise. As it turns out, John Connor is a selfish prick whose play-calling may have been even worse than Pete Carroll’s.

We also count down the best and worst SB movie trailers, discuss other terribly play-calling from the cinesports universe, talk about how the Fast & Furious franchise should end, and explain the creative changes we would implement to make certain sports more competitive/fun/dangerously irresponsible.

Empty Space

BadgeThe Super Bowl of Porn

Shooooooo nuff! Here it is! Our Super Bowl episode is the meanest, the prettiest, the baddest mofo low down around this town!Or, at least, it’s the most completely irreverent Super Bowl episode any sportscast could possibly bring you.

Brian, J.C., Elliott, and Beef Nuggets break down their favorite “Super Bowls” of the geek world, those events of such momentousness that they completely changed whatever game they happened to play. Whether that be the release of a film, the finale of a TV series, or the inception of a new piece of technology, the guys lay out their favorite moments that are “The Superbowl of…”

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BadgeBond Villains and Perv Bets

On this week’s show, the guys leapfrog from sports news into some interesting discussions on film. Is Justin Lin the Pete Carroll of film franchises? Over which 2015 cinematic sure thing would they most confidently bet a tattoo? And how well do J.C. and Adam know the diabolical plots of the various James Bond villains?

All that, plus Brian goes on a rant about cheating in the NFL and the guys resurrect the ITL Pensieve not for football game outcomes, but instead to predict some of the Oscar winners!

Empty Space

BadgeThe Big 2015 Kickoff

After a brief hiatus, the boys from that smelly gym vestibule retire 2014 and kickoff The Future! Or at least, The Future according to Back to the Future 2…so you know, 2015! We weigh in on some of the bigger sports headlines of the last couple of weeks, react to the college football playoffs thus far, and remember the late great Stuart Scott.

We also get a visit from our Corner Man who helps us select the best fights of 2014, the winners of our ITL Fantasy Football leagues are announced, we open amazing gifts from a generous fan on the air, and Brian quizzes the other guys on their knowledge of college bowl game sponsors. Special thanks to Marcus Jones for the sweet, sweet swag!

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BadgeHere Comes Santa Clausen

Deck the halls with lots of sportsmas! Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-yeah!

As Christmas draws nearer, we have prepared for you a rather festive excursion Inside the Locker. Adam and Elliott are out caroling, but Brian’s dad is visiting for the holidays! He sits in with Brian and J.C. for a Yuletide restructuring of the show’s usual format.

Empty Space

BadgeGetting the Browns to the Superbowl

During this holiday season, the denizens of that magical gymnasium tardis discuss the college football playoff rankings, the three Heismen, and who might best JJ Watt for the MVP; delivering the headlines in a rather festive manner.

We are also visited once again by our Corner Man Vincent Smith to hear about a UFC fighter who proves the Wargames maxim, “the only way to win is not to play.” Add in a rather bitter awards segment and you’ve got one roaring Yule log (Yule log being one of several poop jokes made this week) of a great show.

Empty Space

BadgeTurkey Shoot

Hope you brought your appetites, sports nerds, because this week’s episode of Inside the Locker is going to stuff your ear-face with awesome!

First up, we discuss some headlines that slipped past us last week, including our incredibly probable theory on what happened to the stolen Rich Eisen production truck. In honor of Thanksgiving, we also spend a few minutes dishing on our favorite cinematic turkeys; movies we recognize are terrible, but that we love anyway.

Top that off with a sinfully nerdy crème fraîche of awards and a visit from our Corner Man, and you’ll be loosening your belts by the time the episode is done.

Empty Space

BadgeDon’t Mosh At An Everclear Concert

Many strange topics on deck for this week’s episode. How did the Cowboys’ social media department fail so epically? Why does it sound like Ken Burns directed Ryan Fitzpatrick’s injury? And how did an Everclear concert get Brett Favre the Something About Mary gig?

All this, plus a recap of the first week of the 2014 NBA season and another visit from our Corner Man! The goodness is crammed into this episode like sweaty fans in a mosh pit!

Empty Space

BadgeBack To 1985

There is so much greatness in this episode that we can’t even get the locker door to close. So come on in and join your favorite sports nerds as they not only discuss, and largely laugh at, the latest sports headlines, but also reveal their favorite movies from 1985.

We also answer your tweeted questions, hand out our signature awards, and get another visit from our Corner Man!


Empty Space

BadgeHalloween Candy Hall of Fame

Things get a bit loopy on this week’s Inside the Locker, and frankly, that’s just the way we like it. In addition to our regularly-scheduled news and awards segments, we also induct certain elite confections into the Halloween Candy Hall of Fame. What do you mean “that’s not a thing that exists?!” It totally exists!

On top of all of that, Elliott drops the funniest Orville Redenbacher reference you’ve ever heard. Oh, and in the middle of recording, J.C. learns a valuable lesson about ever doubting the unstoppable beast-machine that is J.J. Watt.

Empty Space

BadgeWild Cards

This week’s show flies in the face of standard formula, but that’s probably because your favorite sports nerds are rebels who don’t play by anyone’s rules…even their own!

First, Brian and J.C. are joined by Brian’s brother Blake for a chat about the latest sports headlines and to dole out the requisite awards. They follow that up with a special examination of “Wild Card” characters in film, in honor of the MLB wild card match-ups. Then, the guys are paid another visit by Vince “Corner Man” Smith to discuss three major recent fights in the world of MMA.

Finally, Adam and Elliott engage in a print-based discussion on which of their beloved teams (The Dallas Cowboys and the LSU Tigers) has a better chance to turn their season around. Warning: the transcription of that chat may (and definitely will) cause chuckles.

Empty Space

BadgeLive From Fantastic Fest

Well ok, it’s not exactly “live” because we recorded it last night, but you get the idea. J.C., Brian, and rapper/friend of the show PHZ-Sicks gathered in the creepiest of The Alamo Drafthouse’s karaoke rooms to record a short awards segment honoring the Cyborgs, Frittatas, Rudys, and Fredos of the last week. Oh, and Brian has a few more things to say about soon-to-be former NFL commisioner Roger Goodell.

Empty Space

BadgeHeroic NFL Preview Part 2: Still Dre

The metal gymnasium tardis that we call home is bursting at the seams this week. It’s only week one, but the NFL has given us no end of things to talk about.

Elliott and J.C. give us their hero/villain antecedents for their assigned divisions, we bring back our world famous awards, and we answer your Tweeted questions.

Empty Space

BadgeHeroic NFL Preview Part 1

The resident sports nerds are a little distracted this week. Could it be the imminent return of their favorite television shows this fall? Or is it that the window to cultivate a great Halloween costume is rapidly closing? Nope, it has to be the start of the…2014 NFL SEASON!!!!!

Empty Space

BadgeThe Cardinal Rule

This week, the sports nerds ride the hype from last week’s ITL Fantasy Football draft and wax surprisingly tangential about the latest sports news. Ok, so it’s not surprising at all given their track record with lil’ asides and the fact that the news-makers seem to understand that we’re a mere week away from the start of the new NFL season.


Sorry, had to get that out. The guys also take your questions, Brian rails against a particularly anti-geek position taken by an ESPN commentator, and Elliott is quizzed over his quizzical fantasy football drafting technique.

Empty Space

BadgeBirdman and the Clippers of the Universe

This week’s so is so gonzo that we couldn’t even think of an appropriate Muppets joke with which to end this sentence! We talk about Johnny Manizel’s new aviary nickname, provide more evidence that geeks are taking over professional sports, and assign Masters of the Universecounterparts for each of the Los Angeles Clippers…don’t worry about why. We also go another round with our Corner Man: Vincent Smith.

On a more serious note, we also discuss the passing of Robin Williams and chat about our favorites among his catalog of films.

Listen to the episode, and stay tuned after for some bonus nonsense that occurred before we knew the mic was still recording.

Empty Space

BadgeSummer Season Power Rankings

Brace yourselves, sports nerds, this episode of Inside the Locker is NBA-Jam-packed with awesome! That’s right, we’re heating up!

We cover some of the biggest, as well as the weirdest, sports headlines (once again relating all of them to something in the more traditional geek spheres). We also bring in our new MMA correspondent Vincent Smith for a UFC status report. Finally, we rank the summer movie seasons of the last six years to determine which year truly stood out as the best.

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BadgeFree Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Well I guess ya didn’t know, but I’m back to run the show! That’s right, shove over, ya mugs! After a too-long hiatus, I have returned to anchor the internet’s nerdiest sportscast this side of There Is No Jed-I In TEAM. I know I just made that show up for effect, but now I wish there was a podcast with that name.

This week, we cover what little news there is and then engage in too exceedingly geeky main segments that use sports concepts to analyze movies. Because, ya know, that’s what we do.

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BadgeIn Love And War

With Brian still out of the picture, J.C., Elliott, and Tyler reconvene in the new OneOfUs Monster Dome to wax nerdy about all things sports…and plenty of things not.

The guys chat about the creative steps some high school athletes are taking to avoid the NCAA and actually get paid for their talents in other countries. They also discuss the latest twists to the NBA free agency narrative and how it applies to the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film. Yeah, we didn’t see the connection coming either. Oh, and Joel Embiid’s woeful social media awkwardness makes another appearance.

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BadgeAthletes Are Not Good At Twitter

The guys have plenty to discuss this week! Well actually, this is annually documented as one of THE SLOWEST sports news weeks of the year so there’s not a lot to talk about. That being said, we did miss LeBron’s return to Cleveland announcement by one day last week so you know there will be discussion to that end. Further, the guys delve into the strange new phenomenon of NBA players being absolutely terrible at Twitter.Empty Space

BadgeSoccer Bites

Sharpen your fangs, sports nerds, it’s time for the tastiest episode of Inside the Locker we’ve yet prepared! It’s true we’ve been out of whack for a bit, what with all the World Cup whatnots, but we’re back! With a vengeance! Harder! The Second Story!Empty Space

BadgeCrazy Zoo Ski

This week’s Inside the Locker spins the wheel of outrageous fortune, and tries to sell all the vowels. It’s impossible for that to sound like anything but an embolism unless you actually give it a listen. In addition to sports stories, we bring back the awards segment, give you more details on our live World Cup event, and teach you a trick to remembering the spelling of Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski…is that right? I looked it up and it still looks wrong.Empty Space

BadgeKickboxer is Not Bloodsport

On this week’s episode, the sports nerds from Inside the Locker breakdown the NFL draft. This year, the draft had more fascinating coinciding narratives than a Steven Soderbergh film. We delve into the Manziel, Clowney, and Michael Sam storylines as well as voice our picks for which team made out best this year.

But first, you KNOW we had to talk about the ongoing tragedy that is Donald Sterling. We also chat about heroic cats, Kickboxer vs. Bloodsport, and Brian lays out his TV-series-inspired conspiracy theory as to who will be the next coach of the New York Knicks. Cap it all off with a big announcement regarding our coverage plans for The World Cup and you’ve got yourself a show!

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BadgeBeef Nuggets!!!

Yes, the intrepid sports nerds of Inside the Locker talk a whole heap about the lifetime ban of Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the NBA. And rest assured, the current NBA playoff picture is discussed with special guest: rapper and friend of the show PHZ-Sicks. And fear not, the guys also engage in some hilarious hypotheticals thanks to your tweeted questions. But let’s be entirely honest, the real reason to listen to this episode is to discover the origin of Beeeeeeef Nuggets!!!

It’s better if you don’t ask, just listen. And get familiar with Beef Nuggets, you’re gonna be hearing it a lot.

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BadgeSoccer Ghosts & Stone Cold Tolerance

Back to their old tricks again, the sports nerds of Inside the Locker give their completely whacked take on some of the biggest and most bizarre sports stories of the week. They also take a few moments to answer questions from listeners in the resurrected Cheers from the Cheap Seats segment.

If you like sports, or just geeky pontifications seasoned with entirely inappropriate jokes, we hazard you’ll enjoy this episode.

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BadgeSports Heroes & Fallen Warriors

This week, the guys return to the locker and to their standard show format. Brian, J.C., and Adam discuss the weirdest sports stories of late and also pay tribute to WWE’s fallen Warrior. Elliott was unfortunately under the weather; so far doctors have ruled out Pac-Man Fever and The Boogie Woogie Flu.

The locker nerds also play a round of a brand new game entitled Sports Heroes. Which athletes are worthy of being branded with superhero nicknames? You’ll have to listen to find out, we won’t just give that away for free!   …except that we do give this show away for free.

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BadgeITL Wrestlemania Commentary

Last Sunday, the world was treated to one of the single greatest Wrestlemania’s on record. With the sole exception of the outcome of the Undertaker/Lesner match, Wrestlemania XXX was pitch perfect and culminated into a wholly satisfying ending.

The guys from Inside the Locker gathered together with Amanda and John from All Rings Considered as well as Daniel Kalbacher from The Die Cast and John Gholson from Infinite Variations to provide a live commentary for the event. If you weren’t able to join us live, you can now download the EPIC record of this insanely momentous event.

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BadgeITL Tournament Edition: Marvel Movies

The argumentative sports nerds of Inside the Locker continue their Tournament Edition series. This time, in the run-up to the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the guys settle once and for all (this week) which previous Marvel movie reigns supreme. We whittled it down from the Super 16 to the Spectacular 8 to the Fantastic Four and crowned a champion between the final Gruesome Twosome.

And speaking of impossibly heroic feats, our special guest referee for this tournament is none other than Chris Cox from The Original Gentlemen and Digital Noise. Yeah, we actually got Chris to be on the sports podcast, where are our capes? Chris being one of our resident comic book experts, we were quite comfortable letting him have the final say in each individual match-up.

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BadgeITL Tournament Edition: Cop Movies

This week, in honor of Sabotage, we take on the case of the missing cop movie champion. Starting with the Sweet 16 of police-centric films, we follow procedure by the book (because we’re not loose cannons, chief) and even enlist the services of an actual active police officer to be our tournament referee. We therefore believe, your honor, that we have successfully crowned a number one cop movie beyond a reasonable doubt.

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BadgeITL Tournament Edition: Sword-And-Sandal Movies

After a SxSW-induced hiatus, your favorite sports nerds are back with a brand new Totally Accurate, Desperately Necessary Movie Elimination Tournament! As March Madness begins, these tourneys are heating up. This week, a grand champion is crowned in the uber macho subgenre that is sword-and-sandal flicks.

Ramon Ramirez, from The Austin-American Statesman and our very first Movie Elimination Tournament, is back to once again serve as the referee as the Sweet 16 of sweaty, steel-swinging, open-toed epics are pitted against one another in bloody combat until only one remains standing. Quite fitting given the category really.

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BadgeITL Movie Elimination Tournament: Die Hard Rip-Offs

After barely surviving last week’s remake battle royale, the supreme sports nerds of Inside the Locker gear up for their next Totally Accurate, Desperately Necessary Movie Elimination Tournament!

This time, for our March Madness style gauntlet, we’ve assembled the Sweet 16 of celebrated Die Hard Rip-offs. That’s right, we have come together to decide once and for all (this week) which of these films is the very best…and being not quite as good as Die Hard. The sixteenth seed went to the listener-voted NIT entrant The Rock. How far will that underdog advance?

First Showing’s Jeremy K. Kirk once again joins us, but this time decides to take on the mantle of competitor and hands his judge’s robes to Elliott. The results were incredibly interesting (like Virginia Commonwealth in the Final Four interesting) and produced our most raucous reactions to date. But who shall win it all?!

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BadgeITL Movie Elimination Tournament: Remakes

Welcome to the dawn of the Inside the Locker Totally Accurate, Desperately Important Movie Elimination Tournament!

It’s here, the first of our ongoing series of March Madness style cinematic tournaments to settle once and for all (for the week) which movies reign supreme in various genres and subgenres. This week’s tourney is not the first we’ve attempted, but rather a second pass with many of the same elements. A tourney remake if you will. So for this tourney remake, we decided to hold a remake tourney.

We took the Sweet 16 of movie remakes (according to science and also don’t worry about it), and pitted them head to head as we whittle things down to the ultimate champion. It was left to our impartial special guest judge (FirstShowing.Net’s Jeremy Kirk) to determine from round to round whose game was stronger, but much like the real NCAA tournament, the better film on paper may not necessarily be the one that advances.

The movie elimination tournaments will be our focus for the next several weeks, but we still managed to briefly cover a few sports news stories AND…declare the winner of our ITL Fantasy Football Challenge. It sure is a great episode, but you don’t have to take my word for it…

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BadgeThe Trivia Gauntlet

Some people say, you know, they can’t believe…just how much we have crammed into one episode of Inside the Locker. It’s our first standard-format episode in a few weeks, and we hit the ground running.

Not only do we cover some of the major headlines with spirited debate, we also play a couple of mini-games that display both our lack of knowledge about The Winter Olympics and Cleveland’s lack of talent on the basketball court.

The centerpiece of the episode is a highlight reel of our Fantasy Football Trivia Challenge! We posed a long series of sports and movie trivia questions to our four conference leaders, and their responses were sometimes…interesting. Enjoy the best moments and get ready for next week’s crowning of the Ultimate Champion!

Finally, we wrap up the episode with a major announcement about the new direction of this podcast. Sound ominous? Not at all, dummy! Give the episode a listen and be sure to share it with all your favorite sportsnerds if you dig it. After all, it is Valentine’s Day.

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BadgeSuperbowl Commentary with a Chance of Football

A few days ago, a Super Bowl occurred that made extremely dubious the boasted distinction of “super.” Seriously, we witnessed a more evenly-matched contest during the finale of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Luckily, the Inside the Locker crew gathered to record not a play-by-play commentary of the game, but rather a comprehensive breakdown of the commercials and trailers that come replete with every Super Bowl.

We were joined by the incorrigible C. Robert Cargill and our buddy, and film producer, Paul Gandersman for a live advertisement analysis that would have made the ESPN guys chew and devour every page of the piles of notes that their interns worked so hard to prepare for them.

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BadgeRoyal Bumble (With Commentary)

On Sunday last (because apparently we’re speaking like wandering Renaissance minstrels now), the sports nerds of Inside the Locker sat down with the erudite pundits of pain from All Rings Considered to watch WWE’s The Royal Rumble and record a commentary.

The ending of this year’s Rumble was met with considerable controversy, but along the way we had a great time cracking wise and fielding questions from the live chat. We also engaged in a randomized numerical pool to see who could blind select the combatant who would either win it all or at least remain in the ring the longest.

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BadgeRichard Sherman Stands Atop The Aggro Crag

On this week’s Inside the Locker, the sports nerds are joined in that cramped haven of nerdom by Brian’s brother Blake for a full discussion of the AFC and NFC Championship

…including a full breakdown of whatever Denzel monologue Richard Sherman was spouting during the post-game interview.

From there, as it is wont to do, the show digresses. It becomes a heated tirade about classic Nickelodeon game shows and why the hell none of those half-pint morons could figure out how to assemble the goddamned Shrine of the goddamned Silver Monkey!

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BadgeAlways Be LeBroning

This week, the locker-dwelling sports nerds return to their modus operandi as they run through the latest sports headlines while wielding a four-foot geek stick. Ew.

The breakdown the various NFL coaching hires, give their predictions for the conference championships, and the approved changes to MLB’s replay rules.

They also rejoice at the return of the videogame RBI Baseball, mock J.R. Smith’s shoe fetish, and J.C. consciously objects while the others cackle over the latest meme: LeBroning.

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BadgeBCS Championship Commentary

Football is a game of halves, but to win you have to take your opponent to the fourth quarter and give 110%. Before we, the Inside the Locker crew, sat down to record a live commentary for the BCS National Championship game, I thought these were merely overly-cliched platitudes. As it turns out, they were the subtle harbingers of our undoing.

However, we still recorded our thoughts, jokes, and geeky conversations and have compiled the whole commentary here for your listening pleasure. It sucks that we couldn’t broadcast live what turned out to be one of the best college football national championships in history, but we hope our half-live version entertains you.

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BadgeRetiring 2013

Wow, so a lot happened while we were on vacation. We recap all the end-of-year events, news, and NFL playoff picture. We also announce the four conference winners from our ITL Fantasy Football challenge.

We also welcome on special guest, and Brian’s brother, Blake Salisbury for a quick roundtable discussion of everyone’s favorite things from 2013. Would they choose movies, TV, books, sports events, you’ll just have to tune-in to find out. They also open some pretty spectacular gifts sent by a listener.

Capping it all off is a Twitter giveaway of a box set of ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries. Yeah, we aren’t messing around with this 2014 kickoff show.

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BadgeHoliday Movie Elimination Tournament

Well here it is, the last weekend before Christmas. No doubt you’ll be gathering with family and friends to watch a few great holiday films.

But there are only so many hours in these upcoming days that aren’t filled with gift-wrapping, turkey-stuffing, and in-law-at-screaming. How can you narrow down the list of the best holiday movies to the ultimate champion?

The guys of Inside the Locker have you covered. They discuss which holiday films are the very best. But, being sports nerds in addition to movie geeks, they narrow the wide range of titles to one supreme winner the only way they could think of: March Madness style elimination tournament.

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BadgeInside the Locker: Snow Balls

On this week’s show, the guys again adopt a more conversational style as they take a pine-tar-soaked nerdstick to a number of the week’s biggest sports headlines.

Will Mack Brown return to Texas? Will that immediately have us singing Mark Morrison songs? (Yes) Why did the Mariners pay soooooo much for Robinson Cano? Is the Pacers/Heat situation a legit rivalry? And what was with all the games in the snow this week?! Amazing!

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BadgeInside the Locker: Iron Men & Comeback Kids

If the ending of the Iron Bowl, the classic showdown between Auburn and Alabama, were a movie, people would have walked out at the end complaining about how unrealistic it was.

That, along with many other incredible games and captivating stories, is the central focus of this week’s Inside the Locker.

The boy’s forgo their rigid structure for a more relaxed (but also quite hyper) conversation about last week’s biggest stories.

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BadgeInside The Locker: The Gravy Bowl

Happy Thanksgiving, sports nerds!

This week’s Inside the Locker is very festive indeed. There is drinking, laughter, arguments, drinking, inappropriate jokes, drinking, and even visiting family members.

That’s right, Brian’s dad sits in with us to offer his own sports/geek wisdom and even participates in The Crossover. The guys discuss headlines, give out their awards, drink a lot, and talk about what they are thankful for this year in terms of sports.

Download, listen, and peek inside the locker. Listening burns calories…according to science.

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BadgeInside The Locker: D-Wade, Daredevil, & Dodgeball

So much to talk about on this week’s show. The locker rats discuss D-Wade’s upcoming sitcom, a high school football player who might be a superhero, and possibly the greatest dodgeball story ever told.

They also host another call-in contestant for The Crossover, invent the greatest UFC coverage strategy you’ve ever heard, and gush over a recent jaw-dropping Volvo add staring a certain Belgian action star.

Tape up your ankles, sports nerds. Inside the Locker has just put you on notice!

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BadgeInside the Locker: Ender’s Got Game

On this week’s show, the denizens of that gymnasium tardis discuss the already intriguing NCAA basketball scene, with the top two freshmen prospects going head-to-head: Duke’s Jabari Parker vs. Kansas’ Andrew “Ender” Wiggins.

We also force Elliott to play The Crossover and welcome back our guest co-host Tyler Mager who outlines a very interesting theory about the nature of the St. Louis Rams’ victory over the Colts. All that, plus jokes.

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BadgeInside the Locker: Bullies Suck

On this week’s episode, the boys mount the soapbox and let loose about the issue of bullying in professional football. If there is one thing geeks despise, it’s consequence-free abuse.

On a lighter note, our neighbor Adam is getting all married and stuff! For the next couple of weeks, while he’s being all happy or whatever, our good friend Tyler Mager will be our special guest co-host. Don’t worry, we break him in right. He’s even our contestant for this week’s Crossover.

Oh, and Elliott brings up Pacific Rim again.

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BadgeInside the Locker: Welcome To Monster Dome

The locker has gotten a bit more spacious as the boys record the very first podcast from the OneOfUsNet offices, or, as Brian has dubbed it, Monster Dome. On a dark and stormy night in Austin, the locker rats sit down to discuss the World Series, the start of the 2013 NBA season, Fantasy Football, and of course NFL Week 8.

In addition to sports talk, Brian goes on a rant about how Return of the Jedi should have ended. Also, the guys host a call-in contestant as a listener tries his hand at The Crossover. We won’t say he has a funny voice, but that is not an inaccurate statement either.

Empty Space

BadgeInside the Locker: Insult & Injury

Those daring young men in their den of sports geekery have returned to once again bring you the nerdiest sportscast you ever did hear. Lucky? You bet you are!

This week, a special guest live contestant plays The Crossover, two NFL players are chosen from Week 7 as potential cyborgs, a dramatic changing of the tide occurs in the ITL Pensieve, and Brian is forced to say a certain word he hates several SEVERAL times.

Empty Space

BadgeInside The Locker: Were You Ready For Some Football?

Earlier this week, the boys of Inside the Locker gathered together to watch Monday Night Football. They were joined by two of their friends, filmmaker Tyler Mager and diehard Charger fan Andrew Crawford. Not only did they shout things at the screen as plays unfolded, they also ran through the usual ITL playbook.

Awards, cyborgs, and shouting! Oh my!

Empty Space

BadgeInside the Locker: The Crossover

Movie news? On a sports podcast? Brian leads the other locker rats through a new game called The Crossover, which brings Godzilla and Masters of the Universe into the mix with the sports stories. Can the crew guess which joke headlines pertain to movies vs. sports?

The guys also hand out their requisite awards, talk about Elliott’s trade rape, what toppings we would choose for the Matt Schaub Pick 6 Burger, discuss an obviously robotic high school running back, and update the mystical ITL Pensieve.

Listen up, sports nerds!

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BadgeInside the Locker: Cookies & O.J.

Lots to talk about in this installment of Inside the Locker. However, nothing inspires more discussion and laughter than the story of O.J. Simpson’s failed prison cookie heist. Yup, that’s a real thing that really happened.

Plus, Brian finally gets his first fantasy football win, we update our ITL Pensieve, and reveal a shocking NBA Jam conspiracy. Hold on to your jocks, cause we’re about to rock the lock(er).

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BadgeInside The Locker: Future Sport

Well it’s finally happened, Inside the Locker has been around long enough to devolve into gimmicks. More specifically, WE’RE DOING A TIME TRAVEL EPISODE!

Due to the madness of Fantastic Fest, and the fact that 75% of our cast would be attending, we actually recorded this episode on September 17th, but then magically leaped ahead in time to today in order to then completely make up–no I mean accurately cover–the scores and stories from a week ahead of us. It’s basically a happy union between sportscasting and forecasting.

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BadgeInside the Locker: It’s Morphin’ Time!

On this week’s show, we examine the highs and lows of week 2 in the NFL as well as week 3 in college football. We also discuss LeBron’s wedding, Tim Tebow’s possible upcoming Russian arena football excursion, make our own apologies to the city of Jacksonville, and more.

Seemingly out of nowhere, we also launch into a tangential debate on race relations among the Planeteers and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Me thinks this might have been inspired by the bottle of cinnamon whiskey our lawyer Elliott brought with him.

In any event, it’s a fantastically entertaining episode. Don’t be a bench warmer, give it a listen!

Empty Space

BadgeInside the Locker: NFL Week 1 Recap

The locker geeks take to the armchairs to begin their Monday morning (or rather Wednesday evening) analysis of the first week of the NFL. They break down the big plays, recount the best games, discuss fantasy football implications, and hand out some very nerdy awards.

The guys also get into a heated debate over regulated violence in football that almost has them clobbering each other like Ben Grimm on a bad day. They also introduce a new ongoing game segment entitled the ITL Pensieve.

Don’t be a benchwarmer, listen and share this latest episode of Inside the Locker!

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BadgeInside the Locker: NFL Kick-Off Show!

It’s finally here, the start of the 2013 NFL season!

Last night, your favorite locker geeks brought you play-by-play coverage of the Ravens decimation at the hands of the Broncos. Now you can listen to the audio! Joined by our special guest, filmmaker Tyler Mager, we discussed fantasy football implications, drank a truckload of beer, and made many MANY inappropriate jokes. In addition, we took your questions, discussed the headlines of the week, and chose our “Might Be a Cyborg” candidate after the game.

If you didn’t get to participate in the chat live, feel free to listen to the embedded recording of the event.

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BadgeInside The Locker: Questionable Content

This week, those crazy nerds in that smelly gym receptacle are doing things a little different. Bucking format, they spend the entirety of the main topic answering questions tweeted at them from the cheap seats…or Twitter I guess.

This week’s episode is so unconcerned with routine that Brian isn’t even here. J.C., Elliott, and “Our Neighbor” Adam answer your questions, sort through the headlines, and decide who in sports this week might be a cyborg. In addition, they take you through their predictions for the first few games of the college football season. Empty Space

BadgeInside The Locker: Shakespearean SummerSlam

Prepare yourselves for the most epic Inside the Locker to date.

For our main topic, as promised, we bring you the audio from our WWE Summerslam commentary. It’s a hefty three hours long! But wouldn’t you know it, the recording crapped out just before the final match. All is lost, right? Oh, so wrong. The gents of ITL decided to reenact the final match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan, but with a classical Shakespearean twist. It may be the weirdest thing you hear…at least this week.

Empty Space

BadgeInside The Locker: Fantasy Football Preview

That’s right, Inside the Locker will be hosting their own fantasy football league for this upcoming season, and you’re invited to join!

In the meantime, we are offering a beginner’s guide to fantasy football. We breakdown all the key positions and tell you who we would draft. Listen up, voice your interest, and prepare for our draft on August 31st.

Empty Space

BadgeInside The Locker: The League of Their Own

This week, those four frittatas, who constantly make the inside of the locker smell like a bag of Indian-food-vomiting socks, bring you their favorite moments from the FX series The League. The show may center on fantasy football, but you don’t have to enjoy the sport in either plane of reality in order to enjoy it. You just have to know some truly awful people in your own life, some of whom you may even call close friends. We’ll breakdown all the reasons you should have already been watching The League as well as announcing ITL’s own fantasy football league!

Empty Space

BadgeInside The Locker: Bash Brothers

On this week’s edition, one particular sport takes center ice. With the help of our very special guest, Neil Miller (Publisher of Film School Rejects), we face-off over our favorite hockey movies, the appeal of the game, and whether or not drinking melted ice from The United Center will give you hockeytitis. As per usual, we also cover the biggest and most bonkers sports headlines and give you our pick as to which athlete might be a cyborg.

Empty Space

BadgeInside The Locker: MovieBall

This week, on America’s favorite nerdy sportscast (don’t look that up), we’re talking baseball. With all the negative headlines of late, it seemed a good time to sit down and discuss the baseball movies that kept us, as one film put it, romantic about the game. We also delve into the headlines, anticipate the movie version of the biggest current scandal in baseball, and deliver some useful information about cheetahs…info that the two NFL players clearly ignored.

Empty Space

Badge Inside the Locker: All-Star Nerds

For this week’s episode, the locker nerds swing for the fences. We breakdown the major headlines, envision the movie version of Joe Andruzzi’s heroics, and offer (most of) our Home Run Derby commentary.

Don’t worry that you aren’t watching the derby as you listen, after a few beers…neither were we.

Empty Space

BadgeInside The Locker: Wrestling With Geeks

 For their second inning, the locker rats bring in not one, not two, but three special guests! Adam Charles of Film School Rejects helps us breakdown this week’s scores and stories, and Geek Bombast’s John Sitton and Amanda Arias join us for an in-depth discussion about the appeal of professional wrestling. In addition, your favorite sports nerds visualize the big screen version of the Red Sox 2004 ALCS victory. Tune in, geek out, batter up.

Empty Space

BadgeInside The Locker: Kicking Things Off

 This week, Brian, J.C., and Elliott bring you news and scores from around the sportsphere, plot out the big screen version of a true sports story involving a very different ring of power, and engage in a discussion topic that, let’s face it, justifies the entire existence of the show.

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