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Inside The Locker: Here Comes Santa Clausen

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Deck the halls with lots of sportsmas! Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-yeah!

As Christmas draws nearer, we have prepared for you a rather festive excursion Inside the Locker. Adam and Elliott are out caroling, but Brian’s dad is visiting for the holidays! He sits in with Brian and J.C. for a Yuletide restructuring of the show’s usual format.

Put on your big red suits (and no, we’re just talking to Ohio State fans) and join us as we stuff this Santa-tastic episode right up your stocking!


Show Breakdown…


Show & Yell (1:50)


Since our last show, Brian and J.C. have been to a combined total of four pro sporting events: 3 NBA games and 1 NFL game. They engage in a little show-and-tell recap of their experiences. J.C. got to see LeBron play, and Brian got to see his Colts win their division. Also, Brian had an epic beer fail like no other.


What We Want for Sportsmas  (20:15)


We sent out a survey to some of the most prominent figures in sports and the things that top their holiday wish lists conveniently perfectly set up both our headlines and awards for the week. Crazy right, who’da thunk?! We chat about Harbaugh’s chances of moving to Michigan, why we’re still firmly on Team America, and dad comes up with the perfect joke surrounding Jay Cutler’s benching.


Redubbing Manziel  (51:34)

Wha Happen

In his first NFL start, Johnny Manziel took a big ol’ Cleveland Brown right on the field. In response, we have decided to do a little work on Johnny Football’s nickname. We think any one of them would be more appropriate, and that IS how we will be addressing his Christmas card.


Fantasy Report (59:13)

Fantasy Football Report

The first round of ITL’s fantasy football is in the books. We recap the standings as well as the freaky ass finish of the two matches in Brian’s league. Seriously, it’s bizarre and defies all the maths.


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