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Inside The Locker: Shakespearean SummerSlam

Prepare yourselves for the most epic Inside the Locker to date.

For our main topic, as promised, we bring you the audio from our WWE Summerslam commentary. It’s a hefty three hours long! But wouldn’t you know it, the recording crapped out just before the final match. All is lost, right? Oh, so wrong. The gents of ITL decided to reenact the final match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan, but with a classical Shakespearean twist. It may be the weirdest thing you hear…at least this week.

We also bring you up to speed on the latest scores and stories, choose our possible cyborg candidate for the week, and answer some of your tweeted questions.

Hold on tight, sports nerds, this one goes off the rails.

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Show Breakdown:

Scores and Stories (8:56)

JRs Ride

Topics Discussed: Chris Paul named president of the NBAPA, JR Smith buys a ridiculous new ride, LeBron James shaves his head (don’t ask), Allen Iverson Retires, Chicago Bears’ Jon Bostic’s absurd fine


He Might Be a Cyborg (46:22): Jim “The Shark” Dreyer


This “man” swam across a lake for 51 hours towing a ton of bricks; staving off fatigue, GPS errors, and hallucinations. There is no embellishment anywhere in that statement.


Main Topic: The Posting of Our WWE Summerslam Commentary (52:20)

Summer Slam

Brian, J.C., and Elliott are joined by the biggest wrestling fans they know: Amanda Arias and John Sitton from Geek Bombast’s All Rings Considered as well as John Gholson of They give you their collective take on the matches, reflect on their wrestling memories, and answer questions from fans throughout. Unfortunately, the audio recording ceased just before the pivotal final match, therefore…

Epilogue (222.52): A bizarre classical reenactment of the final Summerslam match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan



Just for Fun: Danny Jacobs knocks Giovanni Lorenzo the f*#k out!


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