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Inside The Locker: Richard Sherman Stands Atop The Aggro Crag

On this week’s Inside the Locker, the sports nerds are joined in that cramped haven of nerdom by Brian’s brother Blake for a full discussion of the AFC and NFC Championship

…including a full breakdown of whatever Denzel monologue Richard Sherman was spouting during the post-game interview.

Gif courtesy of Crushable.Com

Gif courtesy of Crushable.Com

From there, as it is wont to do, the show digresses. It becomes a heated tirade about classic Nickelodeon game shows and why the hell none of those half-pint morons could figure out how to assemble the goddamned Shrine of the goddamned Silver Monkey!


In the second half of the show, the guys tackle The Pro Bowl, but since The Pro Bowl is about as exciting as watching the Japanese-dubbed version of Tree of Life in reverse, they construct a game in which they designate certain films as “The Pro Bowl of ____.” J.C. may have won this game.

Check out the show and help spread the word to the more open-minded geeks you know. Sports: Not just for jocks anymore.

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