Inside The Locker: Lit Pope

  • Chris Cox 

Welcome back to another episode of the heaviest podcast working. Today we welcome Jon Ridewood to the desk and play a new game called “lit or nah?” We’ll explain though, spoiler, we all think the pope is pretty lit. From there, Elliott debuts his pope power rankings.

We also answer all of your questions via mailbag, get deep into fantasy, and make our sexy Week 3 picks.

Lastly we talk racial profiling and Taylor Swift. All that and more on Inside the Locker!


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1 thought on “Inside The Locker: Lit Pope”

  1. My God sports is tough right now. The 9ners suck, the Beavers aren’t looking very good and the Giants season ends in a few days. At least Star Wars is only two and a half months away–oh, and the Ducks got their butts handed to them on Saturday. There is light at the end of the tunnel after all.

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