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Inside The Locker: Kickboxer is not Bloodsport

On this week’s episode, the sports nerds from Inside the Locker breakdown the NFL draft. This year, the draft had more fascinating coinciding narratives than a Steven Soderbergh film. We delve into the Manziel, Clowney, and Michael Sam storylines as well as voice our picks for which team made out best this year.

But first, you KNOW we had to talk about the ongoing tragedy that is Donald Sterling. We also chat about heroic cats, Kickboxer vs. Bloodsport, and Brian lays out his TV-series-inspired conspiracy theory as to who will be the next coach of the New York Knicks. Cap it all off with a big announcement regarding our coverage plans for The World Cup and you’ve got yourself a show!

There may also be a few jokes that your mom will really hate…in fact a lot of those jokes.  Beeeeeeeeef Nuggets!!!!!


Show Breakdown…

Scores and Stories (2:43)

St Pierre

Topics Discussed: NBA coach roulette, Jay-Z officially has 100 problems, Cats can’t throw first pitches, University of Oklahoma basketball player signs affidavit that his girlfriend is real, Brian confuses Kickboxer with Bloodsport, Is Aaron Hernandez a supervillain?, NFL might be dismounting its high horse regarding marijuana suspensions, Vince Lombardi’s inspiring words of tolerance, does Donald Sterling know other people can hear him?


2014 NFL Draft Breakdown (66:10)


Who had the best master plan? Will Manziel pan out in Cleveland? Why were the Texans and Patriots playing Harvey Weinstein with each others desired prospects?


Big World Cup Announcement (102:58)

World Cup

Yes, soccer fans (excuse me, futbol fans), we ARE going to cover The World Cup. We actually have a special event planned. Listen in for more details.


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Hero Cat


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