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Inside The Locker: Holiday Movie Elimination Tournament

Well here it is, the last weekend before Christmas. No doubt you’ll be gathering with family and friends to watch a few great holiday films.

But there are only so many hours in these upcoming days that aren’t filled with gift-wrapping, turkey-stuffing, and in-law-at-screaming. How can you narrow down the list of the best holiday movies to the ultimate champion?

The guys of Inside the Locker have you covered. They discuss which holiday films are the very best. But, being sports nerds in addition to movie geeks, they narrow the wide range of titles to one supreme winner the only way they could think of: March Madness style elimination tournament.



Here’s how it works…

J.C. (who sadly could not join us for the broadcast) came up with an initial list of 32 Christmas films and set them into an NCAA-style bracket, dividing them up into four regions (Contemporary, Classic, Raunchy/Horror, & Miscellaneous). For the first round, we simply voted on the winner of each matchup. From there, each commentator was assigned a film and a series of one-minute debates ensued. A moderator decided which pundit made the stronger case and that alone determined which film advanced.

Therefore much like an actual NCAA tournament, the better movie on paper isn’t necessarily a lock to advance. Hell, we had an honest-to-goodness Cinderella story moving into the finals. You have to hear this to believe it.


Joining us as moderator was Ramon Ramirez, a major sports fan and a music critic with the Austin-American Statesman. Filling in for J.C. is Our Neighbor Adam’s friend, and movie geek Brooks Eakin. Observe the bracket below. Feel free to print it out and follow along with us. Oh, and (as is the wont of the internet when it comes to anything subjective), feel free to voice your own picks for best holiday movie as well as communicate any staunch umbrage-taking.

Llllllllllllllllet’s get ready to jinglllllllllllllle!!!



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