Inside The Locker: Monsters vs. Goonies


Girls rule and Sepp Blatter drools!

On this week’s show, we talk Caitlyn Jenner, Women’s World Cup, and Serena Williams’ Jordan-like performance while sick.

Of course, we HAD to talk about the NBA Finals (we already feel way behind in our predictions) and we celebrate the life of the late May Ellen Trainor by finally settling the debate between Monster Squad and The Goonies!

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5 thoughts on “Inside The Locker: Monsters vs. Goonies”

  1. There is no discussion. Goonies > Monster Squad. Yes i love both movies, but Goonies is a masterpiece and Monster Squad is just a fun memory of a film.

    1. Goonies is fun (holding back on calling it a masterpiece) because it’s pure 80’s adventure. I agree that there is little discussion needed. Think about how often you come across Goonies compared to Monster Squad on TV or even through a rental service… it’s hard to find (which sucks).

  2. Wait, you quote the Dark Knight and you use Brett Favre? I would’ve thought a more appropriate use of the quote is “You either retire a John Elway, or you live long enough to become O.J. Simpson.”
    Also, I watched Goonies a dozen times as a kid, but I never heard of Monster Squad: Then again, I caught some movies on TV at random with no idea what the names are, so if I saw a clip of the movie, maybe there’s a offhand chance it would ring a bell.

  3. I have to go with Monster Squad. I have never seen The Goonies. Funny story though; When I was 8 years old most of my friends had seen The Goonies and wanted me to see it so we all could joke around and reenact it like kids of our age would do with every movie we watched. We used to wrestle as our favorite monsters from movies for example. On Tuesday night i came home from a sermon and saw a movie on with a group of kids talking about something and I though it was The Goonies. I asked my dad if I could watch the movie and he said yes. The movie wasn’t The Goonies, the movie was Stephen King’s IT. I never went to a mcdonalds or a circus since.

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