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Inside The Locker: Epic Fumbles

Here Inside the Locker, we understand fails, we even understand epic fails, but what we can’t really understand is how the Oklahoma City Thunder can lose a game in which three of their players scored 30+ points?!

I mean come on, do you let a Balrog defeat your guild when it only has two hit points left and you have a +4 to all attacks? NO!

In honor of this epic fumble (yes, we know that’s not the right term for this sport, shut up!), we engage in a roundtable discussion of our favorite projects from the worlds of movies, music, TV, and videogames that managed to fail despite having multiple promising elements. We also break down the best/worst April Fool’s Day jokes from the sports world and almost kinda cover news!


Show Breakdown…

Top Foolery (3:21)

Bengals Logo

That’s right, all four stories! Topics covered: Dennis Dodd is a Tittybaby, Gronk Want Woman!, The Pay Cut That Could Have Kept Murray in Dallas, and The Boxer Who Dropped…His Cellphone?


Scores and Stories (23:37)

We discuss all four of the week’s top stories!


Epic Fumbles (46:54)


Inspired by the recent monumental choking of the Oklahoma City Thunder despite the stellar performances of THREE of its players, we chat about movies, TV shows, videogames, and even song collaborations that had all the right ingredients, but failed miserably.

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