Inside the Locker: From Football with Love


Welcome to another episode of Inside The Locker, the game’s hardest podcast. Today we briefly dissect the latest Bond, then slide into belated NBA preview talk–is the Western Conference already down to two contenders?

From there we unveil our NFL pyramid. Where does your team land?

All that and barking from Penny on ITL.


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1 thought on “Inside the Locker: From Football with Love”

  1. Im sorry but I never understand the love for Star Wars (4 to 6 )! I get their significance to media. The only excellent film from that series is The Empire Strikes Back. The others don’t hold up well. Even seeing them as a kid they never grabbed me. Maybe I just will be in the dark when it comes to this. PS Episodes 1 to 3 were terrible on another level.

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