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Inside the Locker: Cookies & O.J.

Lots to talk about in this installment of Inside the Locker. However, nothing inspires more discussion and laughter than the story of O.J. Simpson’s failed prison cookie heist. Yup, that’s a real thing that really happened.

Plus, Brian finally gets his first fantasy football win, we update our ITL Pensieve, and reveal a shocking NBA Jam conspiracy. Hold on to your jocks, cause we’re about to rock the lock(er).

Show Breakdown…


Scores and Stories (4:00)


Topics Discussed: The start of NBA training camp, Golden State Penitentiary, NBA Jam was rigged, Happy Trails to Lane Kiffin, Mariano Rivera’s emotional final appearance at Yankee Stadium, Ben Rothlisberger trash talks his own team, Ricky Williams’ Avengers bedsheets, O.J. Simpson gets his hand caught in the cookie jar.


Main Segment: NFL Week 4/NCAAF Week 5 (43:20)

Fairley Suh
Gif courtesy of Gawker

Once again giving out The Fredo, The Rudy, The Pwn Zone, and the Oh My Goooooood Awards as well as finally discussing the Colts’ coo of sneaking into Cleveland Sam Fisher style and stealing Trent Richardson.


The ITL Pensieve (84:30)


It’s baaaaaack. Well technically, it never left. In any event, we bring you up to date on which of the four locker denizens has the best track record with predicting the winners of NFL games. Spoiler alert: It’s Brian.


He Might Be A Cyborg: Joe Thomas  (92:55)


The Guy has not missed an offensive snap since he was drafted in 2007, and he plays for the Browns! That is machine-like resiliency.

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