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Inside The Locker: Iron Men & Comeback Kids

If the ending of the Iron Bowl, the classic showdown between Auburn and Alabama, were a movie, people would have walked out at the end complaining about how unrealistic it was.

Empty Space

I mean, did you see this?!!!


That, along with many other incredible games and captivating stories, is the central focus of this week’s Inside the Locker.

The boy’s forgo their rigid structure for a more relaxed (but also quite hyper) conversation about last week’s biggest stories.

Also, longtime listener, and rapper extraordinaire PHZ-Sicks calls in to play The Crossover and the guys hand out awards based SOLELY on what you’ve tweeted.

For example, one suggested Cyborg candidate…



All this, plus laughter.




We highly recommend you check out PHZ-Sick’s work, the guy is crazy talented!


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Gif courtesy of Business Insider

Gif courtesy of Business Insider


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