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Inside The Locker: Summer Season Power Rankings

Brace yourselves, sports nerds, this episode of Inside the Locker is NBA-Jam-packed with awesome! That’s right, we’re heating up!

We cover some of the biggest, as well as the weirdest, sports headlines (once again relating all of them to something in the more traditional geek spheres). We also bring in our new MMA correspondent Vincent Smith for a UFC status report. Finally, we rank the summer movie seasons of the last six years to determine which year truly stood out as the best.

All that, plus one of the funniest athlete Twitter stories you’ve ever heard.


Show Breakdown…


Scores & Stories (3:48)


The gruesome Paul George injury, David Wilson’s tearful farewell to football, Andy Dalton’s dubious new contract, Love is coming to Cleveland, ESPN suspends one of its anchors for tarnishing its LeBrand, Spurs hire female coach.


The Corner Man (51:40)


The working title of our new semi-regular MMA segment with our brand new fight correspondent Vincent Smith. Vince, who also writes the Heavy Meta column for us, breaks down the fighters and the fights to watch. But wait, how do Iko Uwais and Tony Jaa fit into this?


Main Segment: Summer Movie Season Power Rankings (71:32)

Summer 2014

Going back to 2008, we examine best and worst that each summer’s cinema had to offer to determine which year gave us the best summer movie season. The winner…might surprise you.


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