Inside The Locker: Summer Season Power Rankings


Brace yourselves, sports nerds, this episode of Inside the Locker is NBA-Jam-packed with awesome! That’s right, we’re heating up!

We cover some of the biggest, as well as the weirdest, sports headlines (once again relating all of them to something in the more traditional geek spheres). We also bring in our new MMA correspondent Vincent Smith for a UFC status report. Finally, we rank the summer movie seasons of the last six years to determine which year truly stood out as the best.

All that, plus one of the funniest athlete Twitter stories you’ve ever heard.


Show Breakdown…


Scores & Stories (3:48)


The gruesome Paul George injury, David Wilson’s tearful farewell to football, Andy Dalton’s dubious new contract, Love is coming to Cleveland, ESPN suspends one of its anchors for tarnishing its LeBrand, Spurs hire female coach.


The Corner Man (51:40)


The working title of our new semi-regular MMA segment with our brand new fight correspondent Vincent Smith. Vince, who also writes the Heavy Meta column for us, breaks down the fighters and the fights to watch. But wait, how do Iko Uwais and Tony Jaa fit into this?


Main Segment: Summer Movie Season Power Rankings (71:32)

Summer 2014

Going back to 2008, we examine best and worst that each summer’s cinema had to offer to determine which year gave us the best summer movie season. The winner…might surprise you.


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466 thoughts on “Inside The Locker: Summer Season Power Rankings”

  1. Ric John Manalastas

    I thought you would’ve mentioned A Million Ways to Die In the West and maybe The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as the worst of this summer. I’m shocked you forgot about Dredd and Premium Rush for the best of summer 2012.

    1. Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Premium Rush are average movies at best. I actually like PR, but only in a very niche pseudo-BMX-Bandits-sequel kind of way. And ASM 2 was actually slightly better than the first one in my opinion, though that still only warrants it a “meh”

      1. What do you think about Dredd? I can’t remeber if you were on the original review back in the day.
        I loved it, but I completely understand why it didn’t make any money at the box office. That original film tainted the waters for a lot of people. And there was also some weird hipster-ish resentment toward it because it had a similar plot to The Raid. As if both movies couldn’t be watched and enjoyed. I loved the first Raid and I loved Dredd.

        1. I love Dredd, but it didn’t seem to hit with wide audiences and was definitely a financial flop. Therefore it felt too biased to include it in the overall “best” of the summer.

          …totally probably should have included it though.

  2. My jaw dropped when I heard ‘Think Like A Man’ on the ‘worst of’ list’ and it damn near fell off my face when no one spoke up to defend it. I usually don’t even like comedies, but I loved the first Think Like A Man. It launched Kevin Hart into the mainstream and ended the month long reign of the first Hunger Games at the top of the box office. And it was one of the few movies with a predominantly black cast that didn’t bend over backwards and go out of its way to be a ‘black’ movie. No Tyler Perry shit, no church scene, no gangstas. It was just a solid romance comedy that happened to have a predominantly black cast.

    1. Launching Kevin Hart into the mainstream is not something I’m prepared to throw a parade for. Sorry, just don’t find him funny in the slightest.

      1. Fair enough. I will say that Think Like A Man 1 and About Last Night are probably his only good mainstream roles thus far. He is over-exposed right now and he doesn’t have enough material or acting chops to be in more than maybe one film per year. His early stand-up work is where he was at his funniest, but with crap like Ride Along and Think Like A Man 2 out there, those early days seem like eons ago.

        I still hold the first Think Like A Man in a special place in my heart for successfully being a mainstream romantic comedy with a mostly black cast that didn’t try to be ‘black’ comedy. Those types are movies are rather rare these days.

  3. My jaw dropped when I heard ‘Think Like A Man’ on the ‘worst of’ list’ and it damn near fell off my face when no one spoke up to defend it. I usually don’t even like comedies, but I loved the first Think Like A Man. It launched Kevin Hart into the mainstream and ended the month long reign of the first Hunger Games at the top of the box office. And it was one of the few movies with a predominantly black cast that didn’t bend over backwards and go out of its way to be a ‘black’ movie. No Tyler Perry shit, no church scene, no gangstas. It was just a solid romantic comedy that happened to have a predominantly black cast.

  4. You're Not My Supervisor

    Glad you guys are doing an mma segment. Just gotta say Anthony Johnson didn’t ko Arlovski. Also, I don’t think you’ll find anyone who still says that Arlovski is still a top 10 heavyweight.

    1. After some brief research, you are indeed correct my friend. Found the video of AJ vs Arlovski. He didn’t knock him out, but he DID break his jaw with a hook at the end of the first round, AND rocked him several times throughout. I still think my point about Rumble having STUPID power holds, though. See video:

      Arlovski is also ranked #15 in the world heavyweight rankings, so not top 10, but close. Link–>

  5. Great show this week, I was surprised scream 4 was on the bad list, I watched it for the first time this week without knowing anyones thoughts on it and enjoyed it, it was much better than any of the other sequels. Am I alone? When it came out was it universally panned?

  6. Are we far enough away from The Dark Knight to admit that it was not as good as people make it out to be? I know I will be in the extreme minority here. I don’t like Chris Nolan, never have. I will also say, I walked out of that movie (midnight showing) saying, “meh. That as a movie that happened.” It had some sort of villain in it that was supposed to be the Joker, but doesn’t behave like Joker at all. It has an actor playing Batman in a way that makes me laugh at every line he delivers. It has the worst tacked on ending with Two-Face. He is completely wasted at the end of the movie. Anyway, I could go on and on about everything wrong with that movie, but getting back to my original question, when is it time to admit that sucking on the Dark Knight dick is not enjoyable?

    1. Having just watched it again a few weeks ago, I only found more and more nuances to love about it. Sorry, I can’t get behind your argument, nor do I feel I’m “sucking on the Dark Knight” dick as you not-so-eloquently put it.

      1. I agree with Brian. Silly convoluted plot in the middle with the Commissioner Gordon switcheroo, The Dark Knight is still an amazing film. Rises has issues, and those were present from the start.

    2. A movie isn’t a national tragedy. You’re “far enough away from it” to say you didn’t like it the minute you leave the theater. I’m far enough away from it and multiple viewings later to say with certainty that I disagree with you.

  7. I love you brian but i don’t agree with you about the e-sports issue. Do you count Archery, Pistol shooting, snooker/billiards, Bowling and Golf as sports? These sports don’t require running and jumping but it does require great understanding of trajectories, aiming and fine motor skills. These skills are important in highly competitive FPS games like Call of Duty. RTS games like Starcraft require a highly specialized skillset that includes keeping track and controlling many different assets, great peripheral vision, and timing. A hockey player uses a hockey stick and a pro gamer uses a mouse and keyboard.

    I also really liked Edge of Tomorrow, you guys barely mentioned it.

    1. Knight & Day literally solves all its third act conflicts while Cameron Diaz is drugged and asleep. The movie’s resolution happens OFF SCREEN!!

      It’s one of the laziest, cookie-cutter scripts I’ve ever seen. Just look at the original poster, this movie was so generic, they didn’t even put the two leads on the poster, just silhouettes. Almost as if they were saying, “any two pretty people will be fine.”

      Nope, sorry, it’s garbage.

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