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Inside The Locker: Fantasy Football Preview

After delving into FX’s The League last week, the denizens of that sweaty jock box now take you from the world of fictional fantasy football to the more realistic world of real-life fantasy football. Did your eyes go crossed? Good.

That’s right, Inside the Locker will be hosting their own fantasy football league for this upcoming season, and you’re invited to join! Leave a comment in this post if you’d like to play or you can send a tweet to @jcdeleon1 and let him know of your interest.

In the meantime, we are offering a beginner’s guide to fantasy football. We breakdown all the key positions and tell you who we would, and probably will, draft. Listen up, voice your interest, and prepare for our draft on August 31st.

It’s all part of our nerd football fantasy.


Show Breakdown:


Scores and Stories (2:49)

Kobe Bryant

Topics Discussed: McNab Accuses RGIII of Being Brainwashed, J.J. Watt Wants to Play Offense and Defense, Manny Ramirez Released by Rangers, Mysterious Fan Death at Turner Field, Lakers Projected to Finish 12th in the West.


He Might Be a Cyborg (23:30): The Proto-borg

Baby Bot

Philadelphia Eagles OL Lane Johnson tweeted a picture of his newborn son David and remarked about the size of his hands. That baby has enormous mitts! Is he really a human child, or the first of a human/robot hybrid experiment? We’re just asking (ridiculous) questions.

Mini First Draft (27:24): Korean Gorilla Baseball Movie Remake

Our Neighbor Adam brought to our attention this trailer for an upcoming Korean sports movie entitled Mr. Go 3D. In the film, near as we can tell, a giant CG gorilla becomes a professional baseball player. We therefore decided to discuss who will direct the inevitable American remake of this movie. Stop reading this and watch the trailer immediately.


Main Topic: ITL Fantasy Football Preview (36:00)

Fantasy Football

Who are the best quarterbacks to draft and when should you draft them? What are some basic fantasy football strategies you can employ to win your league? Is shit-talking appropriate? How do you sign up to play against the hosts of Inside the Locker? All these questions will be answered. Let’s get ready to kick this off!


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