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Inside The Locker: The League of Their Own

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This week, those four frittatas, who constantly make the inside of the locker smell like a bag of Indian-food-vomiting socks, bring you their favorite moments from the FX series The League. The show may center on fantasy football, but you don’t have to enjoy the sport in either plane of reality in order to enjoy it. You just have to know some truly awful people in your own life, some of whom you may even call close friends. We’ll breakdown all the reasons you should have already been watching The League as well as announcing ITL’s own fantasy football league!

Scores, stories, and other general shenanigans appear as well. If five of you listen to this fantastical episode of Inside the Locker, we’ve out-kicked our coverage.



Show Breakdown:

Scores and Stories (19:00)

Football Phone

Topics Discussed: A-Rod’s Suspension, Jackie Robinson Statue Defaced, Greg Oden Signs with Heat, New New Orleans Pelicans Uniforms, NFL Celebration Restrictions, Football on Your Phone Manning Commercial

Main Topic: The League on FX (49:50)

League Pic

Whether you count yourself a Pete, a Ruxin, a Kevin, A Dre, a Taco, or a Jenny, FX’s The League is a hilarious exploration of the love/hate relationship we can have with even our best friends. When petty competitiveness trumps lesser qualities like kindness, generosity, and an across-the-aboard adherence to the law, you have the makings of comedy gold. The League Season 5 premieres on FX September 4, at 10:30 PM.


Don’t have Netflix? Buy the first three seasons from Amazon (Shiva will bless you for supporting our site).

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