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Iniside The Locker: Future Sport

Well it’s finally happened, Inside the Locker has been around long enough to devolve into gimmicks. More specifically, WE’RE DOING A TIME TRAVEL EPISODE!

Due to the madness of Fantastic Fest, and the fact that 75% of our cast would be attending, we actually recorded this episode on September 17th, but then magically leaped ahead in time to today in order to then completely make up–no I mean accurately cover–the scores and stories from a week ahead of us. It’s basically a happy union between sportscasting and forecasting.

We may have gotten some things wrong with our wild speculation, but we think you’ll enjoy listening. Put on your helmets, jump in the locker (which is our tardis), and get ready to engage in future sport.


Show Breakdown…

Scores and Stories (4:43)

ITL Future Sport Graphic

Topics Discussed: Mack Brown Fires Towel Boy to Turn Texas’ Season Around, Honey Badger Goes Super Saiyan & Patrick Peterson Pilots a Jaeger, Suh Fined Six Full-Grown Capybaras for Punching a Child, The Jacksonville Jaguars No Longer Exist, A-Rod Was Method The Whole Time


Totally Accurate Scores (19:08)

scoreboard fire

How dare you accuse me of fabricating these scores for comedic effect?!


Main Topic: Covering NFL Week 3 While Broadcasting from Week 2! TIME TRAVEL! (20:48)


Really hope the concept of this episode is sinking in, or there will be some very angry letters.


He Might Be a Cyborg: Peyton Manning…YES, AGAIN! (36:12)



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