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Inside the Locker: Welcome To Monster Dome

The locker has gotten a bit more spacious as the boys record the very first podcast from the OneOfUsNet offices, or, as Brian has dubbed it, Monster Dome. On a dark and stormy night in Austin, the locker rats sit down to discuss the World Series, the start of the 2013 NBA season, Fantasy Football, and of course NFL Week 8.

In addition to sports talk, Brian goes on a rant about how Return of the Jedi should have ended. Also, the guys host a call-in contestant as a listener tries his hand at The Crossover. We won’t say he has a funny voice, but that is not an inaccurate statement either.

Tune in, sports nerds!


Show Breakdown…

The Crossover (5:05)

OSU Band

Steve Kidd calls in as the first of what promises to be many listener contestants for our patented movie/sports news quiz show. How did he do? Find out!

Topics Discussed: Ohio State’s cinematic marching band, Olympus Has Fallen sequel, Flop confessions, Trick r Treat 2, Playing baseball in Halloween costumes, and more.


Congrats to the 2013 World Series Champs: Boston Redsox (32:42)

Red Sox Champs

Breaking “the other curse,” The Red Sox defeat the St. Louis Cardinals to bring some much-needed triumph to a city so plagued by tragedy this year.


J.C.’s Thoughts on The 2013 NBA Season (38:32)


When the guru speaks, we listen.


NFL Week 8 Awards (59:57)


Gif courtesy of Bleacher Report


The Oh My Goooooood Award, PWN Zone, Fritata of the week, and the He Got That Glow are awarded. The award session launches “Our Neighbor” Adam into one of the best sports rants we’ve ever heard; lowering his boomstick on the Dallas Cowboys.


He Might Be A Cyborg: Calvin “Megatron” Johnson (76:05)


There are entire teams that have not been able to put up the yardage against The Cowboys that Johnson managed to do in one game. There’s a reason he has been dubbed Megatron.

Weekly Fantasy Report (84:49)

Fantasy Football Report

Updating the rankings, discussing the thrilling victories and crushing defeats, and looking forward at the playoff forecast. We also hand out The Rudy and The Fredo for the best and worst point-producers respectively.

The ITL Pensieve (101:48)


It’s not enough that J.C. took the lead over Brian last week, he also had to perfectly predict the winner of the World Series AND how many games it would come down to? To make things even more interesting, we try to predict the outcome of one especially high-profile college football game and one completely random college football game.


Current Pensieve Standings…