Inside the Locker Episode 4: Movieball


This week, on America’s favorite nerdy sportscast (don’t look that up), we’re talking baseball. With all the negative headlines of late, it seemed a good time to sit down and discuss the baseball movies that kept us, as one film put it, romantic about the game. We also delve into the headlines, anticipate the movie version of the biggest current scandal in baseball, and deliver some useful information about cheetahs…info that the two NFL players clearly ignored.

Show Breakdown:

Scores and Stories (2:28)

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

Topics Discussed: Ryan Braun’s suspension, A-Rod’s apparent feud with his own team, Titans rookie rescues family from burning car, Chris Johnson & Devin Hester footrace a cheetah(?!), Charlie Weis’ crappy sentiment, the return of the Charlotte Hornets, Daniel Bryan’s excellent matches on Monday Night Raw.

Sport Movie News (39:35)

Apollo Thumbs

Yes, it’s not often that the week’s movie news pertains to sports and sports cinema, but this was a bountiful exception. We talk about the proposed Rocky spinoff centering on the grandson of Apollo Creed as well as why the f*** Stallone cast female UFC champion Ronda Rousey in Expendables 3 instead of, say, Gina Carano or Michelle Yeoh.

First Draft (46:56)

Confused Braun

We anticipate the big screen version of the tumultuous tale of Ryan Braun. We cast the nefarious double-talking lead, choose a director, and give it a title. We then encourage our listeners to co-opt a popular internet meme.

Main Topic: Our Favorite Baseball Films (54:19)

Sandlot Cast

We go around the horn discussing the movies that keep us optimistic toward the game of baseball. These films define for us not only the sport, but also what baseball meant to our most formative years. Then Brian inexplicably dotes upon Rookie of the Year. Did we miss your favorite title in our chat? Tell us about it in the comment section below!


For reference, here are the movies we discussed. Feel like purchasing any of them? Please do so via our links to help support the site. We really appreciate it.

The Natural Blu-ray  Bull Durham Blu-ray  Rookie of the Year DVD

Empty Space

Field of Dreams Blu-ray  Moneyball Blu-ray  A League of Their Own Blu-ray

Empty Space

The Sandlot Blu-ray  Eight Men Out DVD  61 Blu-ray

Empty Space

Ken Burns Baseball DVD  Major League Blu-ray



536 thoughts on “Inside the Locker Episode 4: Movieball”

  1. Hey guys. Chaosbulldog here. Great episode as always.

    Can I just say your commentary on the Ryan Braun suspension has been nice to hear. As a diehard Milwaukee Brewers fan and a supporter of Braun (until now), it’s been a hell of a couple of days since everything fell apart. So to be able to laugh because of you guys and your commentary, well, it’s a start in the healing process.

    That being said, it’ll be interesting to see what happens from here! Oh, and whoever does end up writing the Braun movie, please pencil me in as an extra! Pretty please!

    PS-This is honestly my favorite podcast right now. Keep it up guys!

  2. So far, this is my favorite episode. But that’s because out of all the sports, baseball is the one I resonate most with.

    On the whole A-Rod thing, if we never see him play a Yankees game again, I’m fine with that. For the amount of time he’s been with us, it’s been all deposit and no return. Sure, we got 2009 out of him, but how many post seasons before and after 2009 has he been a liability? That’s the worst part about having him. When it comes time for the playoffs, it’s not “How do the Yankees match up against this team?” more than its “How’s A-Rod gonna screw up this time?”

    Look at last year’s playoffs. A-Rod was AWFUL! It got so bad he had to be taken out of the line up. And what happened when they brought in Ibanez? He ties the game with a homer at the first pitch and he wins the game later on! Myself and a lot of other Yankees fans are tired of A-Rod and all the negativity he brings both in performance and his personal life. If he goes, we won’t be crying.
    As for movies I grew up with both The Sandlot and Rookie of the Year. At a time when I had a marginal knowledge of baseball, these two movies were for me; especially the Sandlot, because when I was a kid, I was basically Smalls.
    I loved this episode, though and hope to hear you guys talk more about baseball in the coming months, especially with the playoffs.

  3. Loving the show guys, but damnit how can you bring up Major League and not talk about the greatest announcer in sports movie history Harry Doyle aka Bob Uecker. “Just a bit outside”

  4. For me I would have to say Bad News Bears, Bull Durham, and Sandlot. All movies I watched when i was a kid that made me enjoy the game, and they still hold up today.

  5. Really loved this episode, boys! I think you’ve hit your stride!

    And YES! to Summerslam! Please record it though, as I’ll be watching it live at either a bar or the theater!

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