Inside the Locker: New Fall Lineups

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Welcome back to Inside the Locker: It’s time to rundown the batch of random, new culture that will be infecting our time this fall. That’s film, TV, music, video games, and comics. It’s all a bit much, but the starting five leaves with some strong recommendations. Are you in on the new Heroes? Should you be watching the Netflix Marvel stuff as that mini-universe bloats? Can you believe they’re making Limitless into a series? And fucking Minority Report??

Adam and J.C. debate the merits of Aaron Sorkin. Ramon tells you what hot records you need to buy and takes shots at people who own vinyl. Logan outlines the season’s hottest video game joints.

From there, it’s a kickoff NFL bonanza that includes blow-by-blow Week 1 picks. All this and more on Inside the Locker


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4 thoughts on “Inside the Locker: New Fall Lineups”

  1. This was the best episode of ITL in a while.
    Quick question about the live streams: When you guys go live with the podcast, will it be a situation like previous ITL live casts, where the live cast is free for everyone and the archived version is subscriber-only?

    1. Not for regular weekly episodes, no. The only thing that would be premium would be cached audio from a commentary or event.

  2. Speaking of great fall content, there’s this thing called the Fall Classic that’s been around for a while. Heard it can be quite entertaining.

    Awesome to hear you all are going live–that’ll be cool. Any chance to bring in some CFB picks?

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