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Inside The Locker: Shady Deals and Judo Temple

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Shock waves! Shock waves and surprise…novas?

Anyway, the trading of LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills not only dropped a lot of jaws within the NFL fanbase, but also represents the end of an era in Philadelphia.

Your favorite sports nerds have decided to use this trade as a launching pad for another of their world famous roundtable discussions! When we say, “world famous,” we are of course taking into account that the world is only the size of a failing shopping mall. We chat about those instances of abrupt era-ending within the film and television arena that we consider most noteworthy.

On top of that, we discuss some rather interesting/dopey sports headlines and go a few more rounds with our Corner Man Vincent Smith; detailing the shortest, but most thrilling UFC bouts in some time.


Show Breakdown…

Scores & Stories (1:30)


Topics discussed: McCoy shuffled up to Buffalo, Curt Schilling stars in My Father The Hero, Vanderbilt coach teaches deadly lesson about sportsmanship, JJ Watt’s Cabin in the Woods, and how ESPN’s Robert Flores dropped the mic on Swaggy P.


Corner Man (41:47)


Three fights, two submissions, and one Judo elbow chop to the temple. Vincent Smith steps into the ring to breakdown three very brief, but very compelling bouts.


Ends of Eras (1:04:33)


We discuss the most abrupt, disappointing endings to various geek eras in both film and television. Will your most significant era conclusion make the list? If not, what was that frustratingly sudden finale for you? Sound off in the comments!


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