Inside The Locker: Shady Deals and Judo Temple


Shock waves! Shock waves and surprise…novas?

Anyway, the trading of LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills not only dropped a lot of jaws within the NFL fanbase, but also represents the end of an era in Philadelphia.

Your favorite sports nerds have decided to use this trade as a launching pad for another of their world famous roundtable discussions! When we say, “world famous,” we are of course taking into account that the world is only the size of a failing shopping mall. We chat about those instances of abrupt era-ending within the film and television arena that we consider most noteworthy.

On top of that, we discuss some rather interesting/dopey sports headlines and go a few more rounds with our Corner Man Vincent Smith; detailing the shortest, but most thrilling UFC bouts in some time.


Show Breakdown…

Scores & Stories (1:30)


Topics discussed: McCoy shuffled up to Buffalo, Curt Schilling stars in My Father The Hero, Vanderbilt coach teaches deadly lesson about sportsmanship, JJ Watt’s Cabin in the Woods, and how ESPN’s Robert Flores dropped the mic on Swaggy P.


Corner Man (41:47)


Three fights, two submissions, and one Judo elbow chop to the temple. Vincent Smith steps into the ring to breakdown three very brief, but very compelling bouts.


Ends of Eras (1:04:33)


We discuss the most abrupt, disappointing endings to various geek eras in both film and television. Will your most significant era conclusion make the list? If not, what was that frustratingly sudden finale for you? Sound off in the comments!


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29 thoughts on “Inside The Locker: Shady Deals and Judo Temple”

  1. Love it. You guys put together the perfect show. Sports and geekery… what else can a man ask for?

  2. Great show. I wanted to hear brian talk about vince wilfork being cut. There are great jokes to be made about what a patriotic move it was.

  3. man its so weird hearing jarryd hayne being called a rugby player which he is i guess its just that he played the poor mans version of rugby rugby league and yeah they would have to take him as a RB or kick returner cuz i can’t remember the last time i saw jarryd hayne tackle anyone

  4. Glad for the Sorkin discussion as I do agree with everything about SportsNight. Also I thought Sorkin left West Wing after season 4. I might have gotten my facts wrong but I’ll look it up.

    As for my era ending stuff, obviously Firefly (do love Serenity and comic continuations) but recently, Charles Soule’s She-Hulk. That run was a great little charming comic that balanced humor and great drama. He got the character of She-Hulk just right on so many levels and reminded me why I love her so much in the Marvel Universe. Superior Foes of Spider-Man too, but that did get a definite end, but would have loved a few more issues.

    The Riches was also FX’s best show that really pissed me off with how soon it was canned.

    Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice, and Green Lantern: The Animated Series I believe were recently killed off too soon. Now GL:TAS had an end, but it was so getting ready to take off with a second season, but Spectacular and Young Justice got undeservedly cutdown. They were building to something big and huge but go replaced with shows that just felt so much less in terms of quality. It was upsetting in so many levels.

  5. So where exactly is this cabin that JJ Watt is “training” at in Wisconsin? So I can stalk….I mean, check out the other cabin/mansions in the area. In all honesty, that’s what most of the north woods is nowadays.

    And yes J.C., there are some of us who love Supernatural still! It’s actually gotten better again after a pretty shitty 7th season.

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