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Inside The Locker: March Movie Madness

We’ve got the madness, we can feel it coming on! It’s March and we’re losing our minds! What? No, not over college basketball. Why? Is something going on in college basketball?

Here at Inside the Locker, we’re too busy coming up with completely absurd movie games to notice what’s happening in actual sports. Still, our March Movie Madness game is pretty phenomenal and we GUARANTEE that you will be playing it by the end of the day!

On this week’s show we also cover some ludicrous headlines and J.C. gives us a wrap-up of the SxSports; including which athletes make him act like a star-struck schoolgirl.

Go mad with us! Do it!


Show Breakdown…

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Scores and Stories (3:42)


Topics Discussed: Yankees Playing in The Sandlot, Good Lineman Hunting, Mo’ne Davis is a Better Person Than You Are, NFL Rule Changes Once Again Demonstrate How Shady Are The Pats, Meet Fuck, And More!


SxSports Breakdown (37:42)


J.C. gives us a full report on the new wing of the already enormous SXSW: SXSports! Which notable athletes attended? Who made J.C. the most starry-eyed? Find out the answers to those questions plus, the story that proves Roger Goddell is a robot with no sense of humor.


The March Movie Madness Game (44:45)


We each chose three of our favorite March-released flicks of the last several years. We then read IMDB synopses of those movies to see if the others could guess the movie. The number of words in the given synopses in each round dropped from 16 to 8 to 4. The result? A game that tests movie knowledge, keyword association, and how well you know your friends’ movie tastes. Yeah, it’s kinda awesome!



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