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Inside the Locker: D-Wade, Daredevil, & Dodgeball

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So much to talk about on this week’s show. The locker rats discuss D-Wade’s upcoming sitcom, a high school football player who might be a superhero, and possibly the greatest dodgeball story ever told.

They also host another call-in contestant for The Crossover, invent the greatest UFC coverage strategy you’ve ever heard, and gush over a recent jaw-dropping Volvo add staring a certain Belgian action star.

Tape up your ankles, sports nerds. Inside the Locker has just put you on notice!

Show Breakdown…

The Crossover (2:07)


Listener and fan Jordan Worth Cobb calls in to take his chances against the sinister Crossover. Well, it’s not so much that the game is sinister as it is that Brian is a dick.

Topics Discussed: Grinnell College star scores 109 points in one game, Texans fans’ hurtful booing, the It’s a Wonderful Life sequel, Derek Jeter’s alleged sexual proclivities, AMC’s upcoming Preacher series, the EPIC JCVD Volvo commercial, why you should never play dodgeball with former child stars.


Scores and Stories (35:55)

Wade on TV

The guys take a few minutes to chat about a remarkable blind high school football player, the possibility of various coaching changes post-season, and the sitcom Dwyane Wade just sold to Fox.


Main Topic: NCAAB, NBA, NCAAF & NFL Recaps & Awards (50:35)

Brees Neck


Field Goal Fake

In addition to handing out our signature awards (with candidates in all sports being considered), the sports geek Jedis weigh in on the recent UFC controversy (while inventing Ultimate Fisticuffs Championship), update the rankings in a variety of sports, and dig into the Ohio State/Baylor debate.


He Might Be a Cyborg: LeBron James (99:00)


Ever since declaring his team shitty during a post-game interview, LeBron has been playing like a man possessed…possessed of all necessary gears and wires to be the ultimate basketball robo-weapon.


Weekly Fantasy Football Report (109:37)

Fantasy Football Report

Brian inexplicably continues his winning streak even while making the most frittata of quarterback choice imaginable. Don’t worry, there’s an accompanying rant.


The ITL Pensieve  (131:18)


J.C. continues to dominate, but last week held many surprising finishes. Will he be able to maintain the streak with Adam/Tyler nipping at his heels?


Current Pensieve Standings…

Adam (Tyler as Proxy)–90-59
Elliott–88-61 (no idea how that worked out)


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