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Inside The Locker: Free Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Well I guess ya didn’t know, but I’m back to run the show! That’s right, shove over, ya mugs! After a too-long hiatus, I have returned to anchor the internet’s nerdiest sportscast this side of There Is No Jed-I In TEAM. I know I just made that show up for effect, but now I wish there was a podcast with that name.

This week, we cover what little news there is and then engage in too exceedingly geeky main segments that use sports concepts to analyze movies. Because, ya know, that’s what we do.


Show Breakdown…


Scores and Stories (6:27)


Topics discussed: Red Sox can’t give away pitchers fast enough, Ray Rice gives heartfelt apology but still gets ridiculously lenient punishment for domestic abuse, and Josh Gordon is secondhand lyin’.


They Might Be A Cyborg Showdown (33:00)

Rina  Melky

We pit a Japanese actress/martial artist with a hard head against Melky Cabrera’s hard hit out of Fenway. Who will prevail?!


Pre-2015 Summer Movie Season Nerd’s Poll (47:11)


In honor of the NCAAF preseason coaches’ poll, we speculate as to which will be the best movies of the 2015 summer season. Not everyone had the film at #1 that you might expect…though most of us totally had the film at #1 that you would expect.


Free Agency Applied to Spider-Man in Next Avengers (71:05)


Marvel’s precious superhero properties are still spread out among several studios. We engage in a hypothetical (sorry, Adam) scenario in which a three-studio trade could land Spider-Man in the next Avengers movie. Are we crazy? Yes. But are we?!



And The Rest…(94:29)

MMA Clerk

In the show’s ending lightning round, we cover everything from the world’s unluckiest gas station robbers coming up against (for all intents and purposes) The Hulk to The Cowboys’ TE coach waterboarding his players like Jack Bauer and everything in between. Oh, and Bill Belichick is still a prick.



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Peyton dance

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