Inside the Locker: Takin’ Care of Blizzness

Published by Christopher J. Herman on


Welcome to the hardest podcast in existence. Here we dissect the NFL and assess what went wrong with our preseason picks.

Then we break down esports and LA’s Blizzcon with our guest and best reporter Callum Leslie.

All of this and interruptions to clean up dog waste on Inside the locker.


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Christopher J. Herman

While braving the snow-swept wasteland of Buffalo, New York for 18 long years, Christopher Herman developed a love for geek culture. A child of the 90s, he was raised on the valuable lessons taught by Batman: The Animated Series, Hey Arnold and Animaniacs. Eventually discovering a passion for movies, books, comics and video games, Chris began hoarding his knowledge of geekdom. Whether it’s Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Mass Effect, Firefly or Avatar: The Last Airbender, he’s always willing to discuss the intricate worlds and stories of geek properties. Chris currently resides in San Marcos, TX.