Inside the Locker: It’s Morphin Time


Apologies for the lateness of this posting, Fantastic Fest is a hell of a thing (or a hell of a bunt to utilize certain excuse-making Yankee vernacular).

On this week’s show, we examine the highs and lows of week 2 in the NFL as well as week 3 in college football. We also discuss LeBron’s wedding, Tim Tebow’s possible upcoming Russian arena football excursion, make our own apologies to the city of Jacksonville, and more.

Seemingly out of nowhere, we also launch into a tangential debate on race relations among the Planeteers and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Me thinks this might have been inspired by the bottle of cinnamon whiskey our lawyer Elliott brought with him.

In any event, it’s a fantastically entertaining episode. Don’t be a bench warmer, give it a listen!


Show Breakdown…

Scores & Stories (5:18)

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Topics Discussed: Tim Tebow offered Russian arena football contract, Orland network affiliate apologies for the Jaguars, Bo Pelini’s words finally come back to bite him (kinda), LeBron James gets hitched, Phoenix Coyote’s player goes Goon too soon.


Main Topic: NFL/College Football Recap (34:19)

Gif courtesy of Complex Sports

Gif courtesy of Complex Sports

Is it time for Texas to show Mack Brown the door? Good Zod, why don’t Wisconsin QBs know how to kneel? Manziel loses big time to the Alabama Crimson Hubris, a double-ended Pwn, terrible Patriot games, and the reason Adam and Brian fixated on Awini. All that and drunk!


He Might Be an Evil Cyborg: Johnny Manziel (50:27)


Is he programmed to self-destruct?



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630 thoughts on “Inside the Locker: It’s Morphin Time”

    1. Black guy is the Black Ranger, Asian Girl is the Yellow Ranger. Captain Planet you got me on. But Ma-ti was the South American one and his powers sucked balls. Kwame was the earth bender guy.

    2. I feel like Power Rangers we explained pretty thoroughly. Planeteers, you got me. I don’t remember what my point was. Because…drunk

  1. “to utilize certain excuse-making Yankee vernacular” Aww, how adorable!

    I could get upset, but I think I’m gonna watch the Yankees pay tribute to Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer of all time 🙂

    1. Hey, when you bobble a bunt that rolls right to you and then tell the press, “yeah, it was a hell of bunt” instead of owning up to your error, I don’t care what team you’re on…that’s bush league. 🙂

  2. Jax need to sign Tebow for no other reason then to silence the fans. If he goes there, and fails miserably, there’s no more reason to talk, and the can move forward without all this annoying chatter. I get why the talk is still there. The guy is revered out here. I’m surprised I haven’t seen the Chruch of Tebow opening up down the street.

    1. I think their fear, as odd as it sounds, is that they bring in Tebow and he manages to help them win too much. Sadly, I think they’re playing for first pick 2014. Tebow will bring up attendance and interest, but it’s “The Producers” scheme if they do. They need him to fail in order for the plan to work, and if there’s one thing Tebow has a history of is winning when he isn’t supposed to.

  3. HEY…new drinking game….take a shot everytime Elliot crowbars LSU into the conversation…someone may die lol

  4. Yeah, I have no idea what’s with the Wisconsin Badgers and kneeling the ball to stop the clock. My god we have some poor clock management. Still kicking myself for passing out halfway through the 4th quarter of that game, but damn it, when you’re playing football at midnight, at least cut me some slack!

    And Brian, your argument about the Power Rangers being racist should go down in history as one of the greatest arguments. Spot on, good sir!

    PS-J.C., sorry for kicking your butt this week. I guess Shiva doesn’t like you partying at Fantastic Fest…

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