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Inside the Locker: It’s Morphin Time

Apologies for the lateness of this posting, Fantastic Fest is a hell of a thing (or a hell of a bunt to utilize certain excuse-making Yankee vernacular).

On this week’s show, we examine the highs and lows of week 2 in the NFL as well as week 3 in college football. We also discuss LeBron’s wedding, Tim Tebow’s possible upcoming Russian arena football excursion, make our own apologies to the city of Jacksonville, and more.

Seemingly out of nowhere, we also launch into a tangential debate on race relations among the Planeteers and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Me thinks this might have been inspired by the bottle of cinnamon whiskey our lawyer Elliott brought with him.

In any event, it’s a fantastically entertaining episode. Don’t be a bench warmer, give it a listen!


Show Breakdown…

Scores & Stories (5:18)

gayporn hard

Topics Discussed: Tim Tebow offered Russian arena football contract, Orland network affiliate apologies for the Jaguars, Bo Pelini’s words finally come back to bite him (kinda), LeBron James gets hitched, Phoenix Coyote’s player goes Goon too soon.


Main Topic: NFL/College Football Recap (34:19)

Gif courtesy of Complex Sports
Gif courtesy of Complex Sports

Is it time for Texas to show Mack Brown the door? Good Zod, why don’t Wisconsin QBs know how to kneel? Manziel loses big time to the Alabama Crimson Hubris, a double-ended Pwn, terrible Patriot games, and the reason Adam and Brian fixated on Awini. All that and drunk!


He Might Be an Evil Cyborg: Johnny Manziel (50:27)


Is he programmed to self-destruct?



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