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Inside The Locker: Snow Balls

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On this week’s show, the guys again adopt a more conversational style as they take a pine-tar-soaked nerdstick to a number of the week’s biggest sports headlines.

Will Mack Brown return to Texas? Will that immediately have us singing Mark Morrison songs? (Yes) Why did the Mariners pay soooooo much for Robinson Cano? Is the Pacers/Heat situation a legit rivalry? And what was with all the games in the snow this week?! Amazing!


All those questions are addressed, geek references flow as freely as the copious amounts of beer in the studio, the particulars of the final ITL Fantasy Football showdown are decided, and we read more of your tweeted candidates for our various awards.


Oh, and don’t forget to join our ITL group for what we’re dubbing Thunderbowl! Using ESPN’s College Bowl Mania, we’re gathering your picks for the winners of the various college bowl games. No limit on the number of participants so join now!

College Bowl Mania

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Mega Snow
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Be careful out there, snow makes things slippery