Inside The Locker: Snow Balls


On this week’s show, the guys again adopt a more conversational style as they take a pine-tar-soaked nerdstick to a number of the week’s biggest sports headlines.

Will Mack Brown return to Texas? Will that immediately have us singing Mark Morrison songs? (Yes) Why did the Mariners pay soooooo much for Robinson Cano? Is the Pacers/Heat situation a legit rivalry? And what was with all the games in the snow this week?! Amazing!


All those questions are addressed, geek references flow as freely as the copious amounts of beer in the studio, the particulars of the final ITL Fantasy Football showdown are decided, and we read more of your tweeted candidates for our various awards.


Oh, and don’t forget to join our ITL group for what we’re dubbing Thunderbowl! Using ESPN’s College Bowl Mania, we’re gathering your picks for the winners of the various college bowl games. No limit on the number of participants so join now!

College Bowl Mania

Make sure to follow us all on Twitter!! Hey, Calvin Johnson, can you believe there are still people out there not following ITL on Twitter?

Mega Snow

Gif courtesy of Business Insider

The Show Account–@ITLCast


Be careful out there, snow makes things slippery


1,624 thoughts on “Inside The Locker: Snow Balls”

      1. No problem. It’s well deserved. ITL is truly my favorite podcast right now.
        Hell you guys got me into fantasy football …. and I’ve barely used to watch football at all before this year!

  1. You’re welcome for the recommendation boys…in my fantasy league I had to start McCown cuz Cutler was my starter….he got me 51 points and I still lost 171-173

    1. It’s easier to talk shit when you know the person. This way it’s easier to gauge the person’s sense of humor/sensitivity since we already know their personalities. When you are with a group of strangers, it’s harder to know when you go too far.

    2. Its hard to talk shit since I Keep gettin may ass handed to me by the same team…all you say is well F*ck that guy! lol

    1. It’s more than just Romo. Jason Garrett’s play calling (DeMarco Murray averaging 7.1 yds/carry, yet you still call passing plays while you have the lead?), the awful defense (allowing almost 40 points to a Matt Flynn that’s been cut twice this season). Romo threw some bad passes late, but it’s not all his fault!

      1. I’m a Romo defender, but he’s also been given a lot more on-field play-calling responsibility. The play above was his audible away from a run (as he stated in the press conf). However, it should also be noted that 80% of the time, even though the ball is thrown behind Austin, that ball is just tipped and not picked. That defender made a catch that Dez has trouble making from time-to-time. That being said, Romo was himself also fairly off on his deep throws to Dez. He overthrew a diving Dez for a sure TD in the first half, and under-threw him a 2nd time in the 3rd quarter for a long-gain (if not another TD). It took some kind of Dez voodoo for him to come up with that TD grab in the 2nd half.

        All this being said, the only team in the league that typically has a shot at overcoming 5 TDs in one half is Denver. Ryan Leaf could probably toss a handful of TDs against this defense. As far as Scandrick is concerned, he may think that was Leaf he was playing against.

  2. On the whole with the Robinson Cano thing, it’s well stated I’m a Yankees fan, you know what? It was awful to see him go but we’re not making the same mistake with A-Rod. You know what I got from this whole ordeal?

    He wanted to go somewhere where HE was the star. In New York he was loved and appreciated but I think he wants to be like his buddy David Ortiz where he has all the praise and attention.

    Brian put it best…it’s the Scarface syndrome.

    1. I really doubt the Yankee’s management cares nor did they want to take that poison pill. They have enough in the coffers to buy big name free agents elsewhere. They dropped $153 million for Ellsbury. If Cano wanted be like “Big Papi” then he needs to lead his team to winning otherwise is just money. I think Cano is in it just for the money and not the game.

      1. Thanks, Arthur!

        I thought the Ellsbury signing was interesting. The one thing I always liked about Ellsbury was he seemed like a genuinely good guy. For all the Canos out there who are out there for the money, it’s nice to see an Ellsbury or Granderson who end up just being good guys who like to play baseball.

  3. How bout dem Chargers…even tho they will probably be sittin with E Manning watchin P Manning in the playoffs lol

  4. I know that AZ is where players used to go to die but …Leader of the Cards D is Mathieu
    ????..uhhh What about a guy named Patrick Peterson?

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