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Inside The Locker: Ender’s Got Game

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On this week’s show, the denizens of that gymnasium tardis discuss the already intriguing NCAA basketball scene, with the top two freshmen prospects going head-to-head: Duke’s Jabari Parker vs. Kansas’ Andrew “Ender” Wiggins.

We also force Elliott to play The Crossover and welcome back our guest co-host Tyler Mager who outlines a very interesting theory about the nature of the St. Louis Rams’ victory over the Colts. All that, plus jokes.

Show Breakdown…


The Crossover (5:22)


Elliott proves that not everyone is cut out to play our movie news/sports news hybrid game show.

Topics Discussed: Drew Goddard writing Daredevil series, Adios Ed Reed, NBA attempting to undo their biggest gaffe of all time, Lars Von Trier must trim his sex flick, Study suggests PG-13 movies more violent than R-rated movies, Jerry Jones has fire remorse, and Yahoo! creates fake 30 for 30 ESPN documentary on the final game from Space Jam.


Too Old For This Shit (34:20)

Justin Tucker

Gif Courtesy of SB Nation

Still not sure what this celebration dance is or where it came from. All we know is that after seeing multiple players on multiple teams execute it awkwardly on Sunday, we’d like to see it retired.

Main Topic: NCAAB, NBA, and NFL Recaps and Awards (38:05)

Wiggins Parker

“Ender” Wiggins vs. “Big Haircut” Parker, the developing NBA landscape, and of course, the NFL awards…

(Just call me Blake Gif-fin)

Green Tip gif


Lynch Stiff Arm



Gif Courtesy of Bleacher Report

He Might Be a Cyborg: Drew Brees (62:50)


Not that it takes a lot to make the Cowboys look silly these days, but Drew Brees initiated the Sonic Death Ray that is his arm and dropped megatons of embarrassment on “America’s Team.”


Weekly Fantasy Report (90:32)

Fantasy Football Report

Who’s in the lead? Who were our Rudies and Fredos this week? How is the playoff picture shaping up?

The ITL Pensieve (111:35)


J.C.’s meteoric rise continues while Brian drops to third place and just one game ahead of Elliott…OF ELLIOTT!!!

Current Pensieve Standings…

Adam (Tyler as Proxy)–81-53


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