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Inside The Locker: Back To 1985

There is so much greatness in this episode that we can’t even get the locker door to close. So come on in and join your favorite sports nerds as they not only discuss, and largely laugh at, the latest sports headlines, but also reveal their favorite movies from 1985.

We also answer your tweeted questions, hand out our signature awards, and get another visit from our Corner Man!

Check it out!


Show Breakdown…


Scores, Stories, & Our Favorite Films of 1985 (4:50)

Breakfast Club

We talk about athletes stealing, athletes bathing in red wine (for real), and discuss our favorite flicks of 1985, which also happens to be the last time the Royals made it to the world series.


Corner Man (53:33)


Vincent Smith returns to our corner to chat about a pair of upcoming fights in the context of the brawlers’ past matches. Can someone practiced in the art of boxing survive against opponents with a more aggressively diversified bag of tricks?


Cheers from the Cheap Seats (67:40)

Cheap Seats

We answer questions on topics ranging from zords to underrated movies to…coffee?


Awards & Fantasy Segment (96:55)

Fantasy Football Report

Cyborgs and Rudys, Fredos and Frittatas, it’s the awards segment that changed the world! Wait, “the world” is just Brian’s livingroom, right?


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