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Inside The Locker: The Cardinal Rule

This week, the sports nerds ride the hype from last week’s ITL Fantasy Football draft and wax surprisingly tangential about the latest sports news. Ok, so it’s not surprising at all given their track record with lil’ asides and the fact that the news-makers seem to understand that we’re a mere week away from the start of the new NFL season.


Sorry, had to get that out. The guys also take your questions, Brian rails against a particularly anti-geek position taken by an ESPN commentator, and Elliott is quizzed over his quizzical fantasy football drafting technique.

Step inside and listen up!


Show Breakdown…


Scores & Stories (2:02)

Carroll Hipster

Topics Discussed: Josh Gordon suspended for entire season, NFL (finally) establishes domestic violence policies, ESPN seems to think we care how often Michael Sam showers, Kevin Love officially a Cav, USC gets double dose of negative publicity, Pete Carroll still a douche.



Cheers from the Cheap Seats (46:56)

Cheap Seats

We answer your tweeted questions! Thrill as one fan tries to throw us a curve, only to be soundly smashed by the legendary J.C.  Hey, would J.C. Smash Cat be a good nickname for him? No? I’m calling him that anyway.



Fantasy Football Preview (62:42)

Fantasy Football Report

It’s back! It’s back! IT’S BACK!!!!  So thrilled to kickoff the second season of our ITL Fantasy Football League. The draft was last weekend, so how do we think we fared? What lessons did we learn from last year? How has Brian’s bad luck already reared its head?



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