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Inside The Locker: Birdman And The Clippers of the Universe

Salutations, sports nerds!

This week’s so is so gonzo that we couldn’t even think of an appropriate Muppets joke with which to end this sentence! We talk about Johnny Manizel’s new aviary nickname, provide more evidence that geeks are taking over professional sports, and assign Masters of the Universe counterparts for each of the Los Angeles Clippers…don’t worry about why. We also go another round with our Corner Man: Vincent Smith.

On a more serious note, we also discuss the passing of Robin Williams and chat about our favorites among his catalog of films.

Listen to the episode, and stay tuned after for some bonus nonsense that occurred before we knew the mic was still recording.


Show Breakdown…

Scores and Stories (4:52)

Manziel finger

Topics Discussed: The L.A. Clippers have been sold to one of America’s preeminent nerds, Johnny Manziel flips himself off the starting position on the Browns’ roster, Braxton Miller’s injury ensures Ohio State will still be overrated, and the deal for performers to play the Super Bowl halftime show keeps getting worse all the time.


Robin Williams Retrospective (32:05)

Robin Williams BoT

The film community, and we include in that group anyone who loves film, lost a comedic titan recently when Robin Williams’ exited this realm. We found it so difficult to narrow his work down to one favorite film so we discuss our favorites of both his dramatic and comedic roles. Coming back from the break, we also delve into the internet theory that Aladdin takes place in the post-apocalyptic future instead of the past.


The Corner Man (48:55)


Vince returns to give us the lowdown on the world of UFC. He gets us hyped for an upcoming “Mega Fight” that somehow has nothing to do with a giant shark or octopus. He also addresses some lingering questions about the credibility of the Cobra Kai Dojo.


And the Rest (62:32)


In this week’s “also-ran” portion of the news, we chat about high school games called account of Purge, college players who are really good at tackling teammates, illustrate how Kevin Sumlin is One of Us, and Brian issues the weirdest ALS ice bucket counter-challenge ever conceived.



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