Inside The Locker: Turkey Shoot


Hope you brought your appetites, sports nerds, because this week’s episode of Inside the Locker is going to stuff your ear-face with awesome!

First up, we discuss some headlines that slipped past us last week, including our incredibly probable theory on what happened to the stolen Rich Eisen production truck. In honor of Thanksgiving, we also spend a few minutes dishing on our favorite cinematic turkeys; movies we recognize are terrible, but that we love anyway.

Top that off with a sinfully nerdy crème fraîche of awards and a visit from our Corner Man, and you’ll be loosening your belts by the time the episode is done.


Show Breakdown…

Scores & Stories (7:47)


Including, but not limited to, our Clue-like breakdown of the production truck heist, why you shouldn’t pick fights with bipolar NFL players on Twitter, why Jose Conseco will be god of his own religion in 30 years, and how one Michigan basketball player is modeling himself after Ernest Hemingway.


Shooting Some Turkeys (54:48)


There are “bad” movies that are far better than their accepted reputations, and then there are the movies we’ll be blissfully chatting about today. On what truly awful movies do the locker denizens like to gorge themselves from time to time? What are your guiltiest of guilty pleasure movies?


Corner Man (1:28:24)

Vince returns with a trio of bouts that pack as many surprises as they do haymakers.


Awards (1:43:24)

Watt TD Catch
A full-on omelet bar, Elliott pwns everyone, and one man manages to win both Frittata and Cyborg honors simultaneously!



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1,795 thoughts on “Inside The Locker: Turkey Shoot”

  1. I stand with J.C., Pootie Tang is a masterpiece. That movie amazes me in so many ways.

    I will say another Disney movie I know is shit but like is Phantom of the Multiplex. I saw this early on in my days of becoming a movie buff and I absorbed anything media about movies, and while there’s a legit good moment with Mickey Rooney about films itself, the rest is a terrible mystery full of teenagers who can’t truly goddamn act and its mesmerizing to see actually.

    Also Hobgoblins, Miami Connection, agree with Death Wish III and Vampire’s Kiss, or anything that’s been featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    1. Oh my god. I loved Phantom of the Megaplex when I was little. A lot of those Disney Channel original movies back from the late 90s/early 00s are so dear to me. And yes, they probably are shit now, but back in the day I would probably watch them whenever they were on for the nightly movie. They don’t make them like they used to, and I remember a few that probably had some more mature themes. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

  2. Ric John Manalastas

    Yes Man I see as an imperfect clone of Liar, Liar with an added dash of romance. There’s one scene from that film I’ll always enjoy:

  3. I honestly thought most people loved Pootie Tang. I put that and Undercover Brother up there as ‘probably bad movies that everyone loves’ because they nailed that spoof formula. The only movie that has come close in years was Black Dynamite.

    1. Black Dynamite is one that I know me, Brian, and Adam love and think is legitimately good all around. If Elliott hasn’t seen it, we’ll definitely recommend it to him

      1. I totally agree. I loved Black Dynamite. And I’m loving the current season of the Black Dynamite cartoon. The first season had some ups and downs, but season two has been a hit out of the park each episode.

        PS: cough, cough, Marvel studios, cough, cough, Michael Jai White, cough, cough, Black Panther.

  4. Hearing the Century Link story makes me a happy. The last few times I went there for a Sounders game (that is a soccer team) I brought in my own beer, so I don’t feel as bad for cheating the system anymore.

  5. I’ve been showing action movies for a showing I do for a club on campus this semester, so hoooooo boy have I gotten to look through a bunch of so bad it’s good movies. I’m capping off the semester with a double-bill of Commando and Escape from New York. Should be awesome.

    Thinking about it though, I don’t have many “turkey” movies, because the ones that I do love people will typically put into that category, I will defend to the death as being legitimate. Examples include Pacific Rim and The A-Team. It’ll typically be movies that don’t have a complex story as the centerpiece, but nonetheless have value in the character/story department.

    Eg. Pacific Rim, which I respect a TON because it’s one of may be 2 or 3 movies where the romantic relationship between the two leads develops out of mutual respect for one another as individuals, and working through previous emotional trauma and insecurities both have experienced through empathy and understanding, fast-tracked by their interactions in The Drift. The whole drift compatibility thing works functionally as a metaphor for them learning to have compassion and understanding for one another’s fears, and it’s THEN that they’re able to work through it by smashing giant monsters over the head with a freightliner.

    ALSO one of the few female protagonists who has goals, motivations, and aspirations not driven by her relationship to a male character. Look up The Mako Mori Test if you’re interested.

    – Your friendly neighbourhood Corner Man

  6. Brian, I think you were either remembering a different movie or watched a different version of Saturday Night Fever; As far as I know, that movie was a box office success, made John Travolta a movie star, & popularized Disco music around the world in 1977, arguably the peak of popularity. Perhaps you confused it with “Can’t Stop The Music”, a biographic movie about The Village People minus the founding member that came out in 1980, which was “…the height of the ‘Disco Sucks’ backlash.” Also, like the Cinema Snob said, it looked like a made for TV Movie despite getting a budget of $20 million.

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