Inside The Locker: Fantasy Cheat Codes: RB


Welcome to Inside the Locker.

This week we breakdown the biggest offseason summer headlines. Then we switch gears and take a deep dive into our fantasy football previews by breaking down the running back position: Where should you target a back? Who do we like this year? What sleepers can win you your league? We try to answer these questions and offer up some cheat codes.

Then… we lie down on the coach and talk about our biggest sports and media disappointments.

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7 thoughts on “Inside The Locker: Fantasy Cheat Codes: RB”

  1. There hasn’t been as much discussion in these comment sections on the last few episodes. I hope that the ratings aren’t down since Brian has turned the keys over. I’m digging the new dynamic with Roman in charge and the chemistry between him and the guys is really working.

    1. I agree! These guys are killing it and I love listening! It may take a few episodes for everyone to remember how much we love interacting with listeners. Come on, sports nerds! Let’s get communicatin’!

  2. Totally agree–these guys are killing it. One thing though… I need some baseball talk! These dudes give great football and basketball breakdowns but the National Past Time needs more love. It needs love like the Princes Bride needs the mother fuckin Dread Pirate! I’m going to fire in some baseball facts to give this show a much needed baseball boost!

    FACT: Best Documentary in the History of the World– Baseball! I have that thing running non-stop on Netflix. So fucking good.

    FACT: Best Team in the Majors– The Giants! 3 rings in 5 years. And you, L.A….?

    FACT: Kershaw or MadBum– MadBum! 3 rings, World Series MVP, 1.03 World Series ERA. Kershaw can’t get out of the 7th!

    FACT: I have a man-chrush on Buster Posey and Hunter Pence!

    FACT: Vin Scully is a fucking ledgen! (even for a Dodger).

    FACT: Baseball is a fucking awesome game!

    FACT: Star Wars is only 141 days away!!!!!

    1. I can prep a few baseball things, but I gotta be honest, if my Cubbies aren’t in it, and they’re beginning their annual slide down the standings, my interest will wane a little bit. But yes, Kershaw, Greinke, Giancarlo, Bryce, Kris Bryant, lots of dudes are killing it right now. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. So when are the itl cast fantasy leagues starting up? I’m very hyped to play again this year.

    1. Unfortunately, it became a lot of work to manage and as our fan base has grown, some people have been left off so instead, we’re going to utilize Yahoo! Sports Pick Em Challenge as our ITL Cast Fan Pensieve so everyone can participate in picking games! We’ll still have fantasy analysis week to week. Here’s the link for the Pensieve sign up: password is ‘itlcast’

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