Inside The Locker: Fantasy Cheat Codes: Tight End

Welcome back folks!

This is a critical but tonally different episode. Elliott and Adam are out on loan this week, and so friend of the pod and writer extraordinaire Jon Ridewood sits in to talk about moving back from New York City a few days ago, and more pressingly football. As such, we were maybe drinking less and it’s a fairly NPR-esque, buttoned-up show. We promise that’s an irregularity.

We talk about Against Football, a book that attacks our beloved game’s very existence with righteous and biting conviction. This discussion serves as a preview for an upcoming print interview with author Steve Almond you can read Aug. 30 on the Kernel.

In our fantasy cheat code series, we talk probably too much about what the hell to do at tight end. Then we begin our NFL preview package by telling you how they will finish in the AFC East and the NFC East.

Lastly, we talk about what rap albums blew our minds as children.

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