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Inside The Locker: Welcome To Season 2!

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The new era of Inside the Locker begins with a firework show courtesy of Jason Pierre-Paul! Too soon?

With Ramon at the helm, the guys delve into the meaty philosophical nature of the podcast itself and offer some possible new taglines to sum up what it is that they do!

They also discuss 4th of July safety, Women’s World Cup, and the movies they watch on Independence Day!

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  • Chris McGowen

    ok thats not a good sign. 1st episode of season 2 you hear static in the background. kind like hearing someone through an old walkie talkie.

    • adamcharles

      This will be us on the next episode

      • Preston

        Dude, it’s one nacho.

    • Brian_Salisbury

      Wow, so they get NO leeway whatsoever? Geez. For the record, we’ve already dealt with that issue, increase your calm.

  • David Sagitas

    If I can interject on your tagline discussion: This podcast is essentially the all too common scenario of me trying to coerce geek culture into my friends’ sports conversation; Not to extinguish their esoteric conversation, but to find a way to relate to it from a nerd perspective.

    That said, good first episode! Sad to not hear Brian, but the show still feels strong.

  • Rock-X

    I would like to point out that we already had a Rocky VI nine years ago, it was called “Rocky Balboa”. The one that everyone on the internet made fun of Stallone for but then had to “eat crow” because it was a good movie.

  • Preston

    Great show–seamless transition. I’m digging the basketball talk, and the new logo (fuckin-a!).
    And how about two guys losing fingers over the 4th? I had a friend in college who tried to throw a mortar off my balcony…Didn’t turn out too good for him. The thing blew up in his hand, causing it to blister to the size of a cantaloupe. The paramedics had to come and get him because we were all to shit-faced to drive to the hospital. His hand is permanently mangled, but he did end up graduating with straight A’s in civil engineering… for what that’s worth. Moral of the story–even smart people do really dumb shit.