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Inside The Locker: Halloween Candy Hall of Fame

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Things get a bit loopy on this week’s Inside the Locker, and frankly, that’s just the way we like it. In addition to our regularly-scheduled news and awards segments, we also induct certain elite confections into the Halloween Candy Hall of Fame. What do you mean “that’s not a thing that exists?!” It totally exists!

On top of all of that, Elliott drops the funniest Orville Redenbacher reference you’ve ever heard. Oh, and in the middle of recording, J.C. learns a valuable lesson about ever doubting the unstoppable beast-machine that is J.J. Watt.

Enjoy, sports nerds!

Show Breakdown…

Scores and Stories (4:44)


Topics Covered: Adrian Peterson continues to embarrass himself all day, NFL bans Beats by Dre, Tony Soprano Sparano buries his credibility, College Football shakeups, MLB playoffs…and how it relates to Fidel Castro being alive, Cavs vs. Heat…in Brazil?


Halloween Candy Hall of Fame  (54:46)

Halloween Candy

If we each had just three votes for the 2014 class to be inducted into the Halloween Candy Hall of Fame, which three candies would secure those votes? Not gonna lie, it makes for pretty sweet discussion.


Awards Segment (60:13)

Watt Strikes Back

Not only do we hand out the Cyborg and PWN Zone, but we have so many Frittatas this week that we had to dub that segment, The Omelet Buffet. J.C. also learns a valuable lesson about J.J. Watt…namely, that he is always listening and will make you eat your words with a warm terror gravy.


Fantasy Report: Week 5 (87:41)

Fantasy Football Report

We hand out the Rudy and Fredo awards, and Adam has a field of Fredos to choose from!



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