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ITL Tournament Edition: Cop Movies

The madness marches on again this week as the plucky sports nerds from that oh-so-fragrant gym storage unit bring you another Totally Accurate, Desperately Necessary Movie Elimination Tournament! You yes, it is all of those things.

We hope you enjoyed last week’s sword-and-sandal movie tournament.

This week, in honor of Sabotage, we take on the case of the missing cop movie champion. Starting with the Sweet 16 of police-centric films, we follow procedure by the book (because we’re not loose cannons, chief) and even enlist the services of an actual active police officer to be our tournament referee. We therefore believe, your honor, that we have successfully crowned a number one cop movie beyond a reasonable doubt.

That being said, feel free to share your doubts about our selections and arguments (reasonable or otherwise) in the comment section below. Keep in mind we intentionally stayed away from buddy cop movies here, as we’re gonna do an entire tournament just for those. If you like the episode, please do share the link around the web.


Let’s get ready to go a few rounds!



Cop Movie Elimination Tournament (17:07)

The starting bracket is pictured below. If you want to see the results (and spoil the fun before you even listen to the show…for shame), click on the image to reveal a filled-in version of the bracket.




Next week’s tournament: Marvel Movies




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