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Inside The Locker: Royal Bumble (with commentary!)

On Sunday last (because apparently we’re speaking like wandering Renaissance minstrels now), the sports nerds of Inside the Locker sat down with the erudite pundits of pain from All Rings Considered to watch WWE’s The Royal Rumble and record a commentary.

For those of you who are not wrestling-inclined, The Royal Rumble is the WWE’s version of Thunderdome, but on a much grander scale. Thirty men enter, one man…remains in the ring to point victoriously at a hanging banner for a completely separate pay-per-view.  So…actually nothing like Thunderdome.

The ending of this year’s Rumble was met with considerable controversy, but along the way we had a great time cracking wise and fielding questions from the live chat. We also engaged in a randomized numerical pool to see who could blind select the combatant who would either win it all or at least remain in the ring the longest.

The bell has been rung, the luchador masks properly stowed, but feel free to download and listen to our commentary anyway. That is, if you enjoy our particular brand of shenanigans.




And don’t forget to check out All Rings Considered over at Geek Bombast. John and Amanda truly are fantastic wrestling commentators.