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Inside The Locker: Always Be LeBroning

Drop your pucks and get your yucks, it’s time for Inside the Locker!

This week, the locker-dwelling sports nerds return to their modus operandi as they run through the latest sports headlines while wielding a four-foot geek stick. Ew.

The breakdown the various NFL coaching hires, give their predictions for the conference championships, and the approved changes to MLB’s replay rules.


RBI Baseball

They also rejoice at the return of the videogame RBI Baseball, mock J.R. Smith’s shoe fetish, and J.C. consciously objects while the others cackle over the latest meme: LeBroning.


Listen to the episode, and don’t forget to post your own gifs in the comment section. Oh and hey, post a gif or Instagram/Vine video of you Lebroning and you could win a prize.




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Luck spit

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