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Inside The Locker: Questionable Content

This week, those crazy nerds in that smelly gym receptacle are doing things a little different. Bucking format, they spend the entirety of the main topic answering questions tweeted at them from the cheap seats…or Twitter I guess.

This week’s episode is so unconcerned with routine that Brian isn’t even here. He’s off covering the World Tetherball Championships while J.C., Elliott, and “Our Neighbor” Adam take over the proceedings. They answer your questions, they sort through the headlines, and they decide who in sports this week might be a cyborg. In addition, they take you through their predictions for the first few games of the college football season.

The guys do such a great job without Brian that he might just find himself experiencing the uncomfortable notion that he is completely unnecessary to the the success of the podcast even as he writes this sentence. Err, um, listen to the episode!

Empty Space

Show Breakdown

Scores and Stories (1:48 )

Topics Discussed: Tracy McGrady retires, Shenanigans at the Iron Man, Awesome Japanese and Korean baseball first pitches, Mets souvenir tee-shirt blunder, Aaron Rodgers makes disgusting sandwiches.   Also…

Candace Parker doesn’t understand celebrations, Johnny Manziel gets the most pathetic suspension of all time.

College Football Week 1 Rundown (28:05)


Who’s playing, who will win, and what are the guys most excited about?

He Might Be a Cyborg (47:00): Miguel Cabrera


The guy is on pace to win ANOTHER MLB Triple Crown, so much so that he hits home runs when the opposing team is trying to intentionally walk him.

Main Topic: Fan Mail (52:01)

We open the mail bag and gets some cheers from the cheap seats. We love our listeners and any chance we get to interact with you guys is a treat. How great are our fans? Take a look at the amazing  8-bit ITL artwork below provided by Sam Gonzalez.

ITL 8 Bit Fan Art

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