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Inside The Locker: Heroic NFL Preview Pt 1

The resident sports nerds are a little distracted this week. Could it be the imminent return of their favorite television shows this fall? Or is it that the window to cultivate a great Halloween costume is rapidly closing? Nope, it has to be the start of the…

2014 NFL SEASON!!!!!

As such, the guys come up with a very specific format for their NFL preview show that is, well, as supremely nerdy as you would expect. Part one of that preview, a few tweeted questions, and a breakdown of some of the biggest headlines of the week all bundled up and shoved unceremoniously Inside the Locker.


Show Breakdown…


Scores and Stories (2:08)


Topics Discussed: Michael Sam cut by Rams, Wes Welker might be a big fan of Lovely Molly, ITL hypothesizes the true cause of the recent celebrity photo/video leak, and J.J. Watt gets major payday. Then, in the “And The Rest” portion of the news, we discuss Swaggy P’s latest social media idiocy, things to trill, and we cackle at the funniest Madden glitch yet.


Cheers from the Cheap Seats (39:49)

Cheap Seats

More of your tweeted questions, including another attempt to stump the great J.C.!


Heroes & Villains NFL Preview Part 1 (54:10)

Player Heroes

Stats are great, and expert analysis is fine, but we chose to go a decidedly different route with our 2015 NFL preview. What hero or villain most aptly describes each team in each division this year? Adam and I go first, assigning hero/villain antecedents for the teams of the AFC and NFC East and those of the AFC and NFC West respectively.


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