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Inside The Locker Episode 3: All-Star Nerds

For this week’s episode, the locker nerds swing for the fences. We breakdown the major headlines, envision the movie version of Joe Andruzzi’s heroics, and offer (most of) our Home Run Derby commentary.

Don’t worry that you aren’t watching the derby as you listen, after a few beers…neither were we.


Show Breakdown:

Scores and Stories (3:17)

Johnny Manziel News

Topics discussed: Johnny Manziel “controversy”, Metta World Peace is back in the New York groove, Nike goes to the wrong Carolina (in their mind and on their shirts), Continued bad luck for the Yankees, Austin keeps it weird by booking the X-Games, and the NCAA finally gets sued for being unethical money-grubbers.


First Draft (42:01)

Joe Andruzzi Boston Marathon Sports Movie News

We explore the inevitable big screen adaptation of former New England Patriots guard Joe Andruzzi and his selfless heroics during the terrorist attack on this year’s Boston Marathon. Who will play big Joe and what former TV director do we think should helm it?


The HR Derby Commentary (49:57)


The locker rats are once again joined by Our Neighbor Adam for OneOfUs.Net’s first ever live event coverage. We watched the 2013 MLB All-Star HR Derby. Truth be told, while the entirety of the commentary was live on the site the night of, someone forgot to hit record until it was halfway over. Stupid, interns! Therefore, for our main topic this week, please enjoy the recorded half of that commentary. Again, don’t worry that you won’t be watching the derby as you listen, it’s really just us cracking jokes, cracking beers, and having a cracking good time. Give it a listen, and keep your ears trained for the wandering tones of one Mr. Luke Mullen from Digital Noise.

We will be doing more live events and sports commentaries in the future. Did someone say Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony?! No, I didn’t think so.


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