Inside The Locker Episode 3: All-Star Nerds


For this week’s episode, the locker nerds swing for the fences. We breakdown the major headlines, envision the movie version of Joe Andruzzi’s heroics, and offer (most of) our Home Run Derby commentary.

Don’t worry that you aren’t watching the derby as you listen, after a few beers…neither were we.


Show Breakdown:

Scores and Stories (3:17)

Johnny Manziel News

Topics discussed: Johnny Manziel “controversy”, Metta World Peace is back in the New York groove, Nike goes to the wrong Carolina (in their mind and on their shirts), Continued bad luck for the Yankees, Austin keeps it weird by booking the X-Games, and the NCAA finally gets sued for being unethical money-grubbers.


First Draft (42:01)

Joe Andruzzi Boston Marathon Sports Movie News

We explore the inevitable big screen adaptation of former New England Patriots guard Joe Andruzzi and his selfless heroics during the terrorist attack on this year’s Boston Marathon. Who will play big Joe and what former TV director do we think should helm it?


The HR Derby Commentary (49:57)


The locker rats are once again joined by Our Neighbor Adam for OneOfUs.Net’s first ever live event coverage. We watched the 2013 MLB All-Star HR Derby. Truth be told, while the entirety of the commentary was live on the site the night of, someone forgot to hit record until it was halfway over. Stupid, interns! Therefore, for our main topic this week, please enjoy the recorded half of that commentary. Again, don’t worry that you won’t be watching the derby as you listen, it’s really just us cracking jokes, cracking beers, and having a cracking good time. Give it a listen, and keep your ears trained for the wandering tones of one Mr. Luke Mullen from Digital Noise.

We will be doing more live events and sports commentaries in the future. Did someone say Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony?! No, I didn’t think so.


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@ITLElliott (He finally got one!)

2,771 thoughts on “Inside The Locker Episode 3: All-Star Nerds”

  1. I am an Aggie (cue the stereotypical aggies are stupid joke). I think most people really don’t understand why aggies love A&M so much but its something you just have to be apart of to truly understand. I agree with yall in that he has done some things that I did not like but he is still a kid. The same thing happened during last season leading up to the Heisman trophy ceremony. The media labelled JF as a bad guy and lifted up Manti teo as some saint and look what happened then. I think once football season starts this will go away.

  2. i am liking the sound affects, they are a lot of fun. right now they seem to throw the momentum off a little but i am sure you will get a better feel for them soon. just a thought maybe some wackier sound affects; and no i cant elaborate it was just a random thought that i figured you may have some fun with.

    either way still loving the show and the he might be a cyborg segment is still awesome/hysterical as are the headlines.

  3. So truth time. I don’t like sports. Never have. Didn’t even like Tee Ball and all you had to do there was swing at a immobile ball. But these podcasts are so funny and so full of insight that I find myself listening to them anyway. I don’t get much of the sports talk, but I still laugh at the stupid jokes made. You somehow made me listen to a sports podcast for two and a half hours. That deserves a friggin’ medal of honor. Keep it up, guys!

  4. So…about the whole Yankees thing…

    It sucks we have injuries, but to say it’s Karma…yea, that’s a little messed up. I remember a few years ago when the Mets were plagued by injuries too. It was one after the other with them to the point where Luis Castillo ended up on the DL for walking down the steps of the dugout.

    The whole “They’re spoiled from winning” … no. Here’s the thing. Most of the points brought up about the Yankees in this episode are mainly from the team from the late 90’s. I don’t dispute Steinbrenner often sniped players away with money, but you know what, they didn’t have to take the money. Also, this implication that we buy all our players… Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter (both of whom were addressed in the podcast so I must give credit where credit is due) Robinson Cano, Jobba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes…home grown talent. Who was the last “big” signing we had? CC Sabathia and Mark Texiera? That was 2009. You could say Ichiro but what has he really done? And for the record most New Yorkers can’t stand A-Rod these days. He was all deposit, no return and we can’t wait to get rid of him.

    It’s not like the team has been consistently winning the World Series…again, that was the late 90’s team. We earn our titles the same way everyone else does. You can buy all the players you want but if they don’t perform when it counts (See A-Rod) it doesn’t mean a thing.

    But there’s this annoying double standard that all Yankees fans, true Yankees fans who are there through thick and thin have to tolerate. Despite the fact teams like the Red Sox have just as high a salary now and are buying players, no one is giving them crap…it’s a double standard. The best revenge though is playing well. I remember in 2009 when we won the World Series and noted Yankee haters like John Kruk had to say “World Champion Yankees” The look of pain on his face was so rewarding.

    Yes, we’re plagued by injuries this season, but most of us know things are cyclical. It’ll get better. If not this season then next season. Real Yankees fans outweigh the fairweather fans.

    So I’ll have to respectfully agree to disagree with your points on the Yankees in this episode.

  5. Well at least they gave the Heisman to Johnny Football…it almost went to Manti Te’o…And seriously…f the Heisman…i havent looked at the actual #’s but…in the last 5-10 years….it really does not translate success in the NFL!

  6. Hey guys, im really enjoying the podcast. I have never been into sports or sports talk. I do watch football once in a while (especially when seahawks are doing well) but thats it. My friends on the other hand are huge sports fans, and because of the podcast i actually felt like i could jump in on the conversation when it came to some of the bigger stories. So thank you guys for making sports talk actually entertaining and applicable to me.

  7. Couple of thoughts guys. First and foremost, great show and really loving what you are guys are doing on the site as a whole. Now while the amnesty clause does help the big market teams that spend up-to the cap or above it, and provides owners and gms with a get out of jail free card, I think it was collectively bargained during the last lockout as a needed provision since the NBA is making moves towards being more of a hard-cap league. Therefore, sorry to rain on your fun Elliott, but that means it is not a loophole. I also agree with JC’s point of the Lakers to an extent. I have always understood the NBA trade policy to be the same as the other leagues. You do not have to disclose that a player is injured (actually I think the NHL may be the only league where you do), but all trades are placed on a pending status until the players pass the team’s physical. You cite this as an example of how it is “Sports Karma”, and that is a notion I have always been very hesitant about. It seems that everyone always invokes it in situations they feel are unjust to the competitive balance, and always seem to be acts committed by the big teams and teams that win. It is just proper due-diligence for a team to make sure that a player they are getting has passed a team physical. If the team fails to do that, how is the onus on a team like the Lakers? And while I do agree that there has to be a certain cut-throat mentality with organizations that aim to be or are the best, people always seem to point out the same things as you guys have. I think you can have a real distaste for things such as Spy-Gate, but I never understood how spending money like the Yankees or as the big teams do, lends to “Sports karma”. Contrary to popular belief, the Yankees actually have developed talent. The reason their first round picks have not been as impactive as other team’s first round picks is because they have consistently been winners. It is the Yankee way. All major sports leagues seem to have one or two of those model, ideal franchises that no matter the circumstances, no matter the decline in age/performance of their top players, there is an inherent system of success in the way they operate. They spend money, draft well in later rounds, scout good trades, and since they win, allow their players the time to develop properly- whether in the minors or in gradually increasing playing time. The Yankees, the Patriots, the Spurs, the Red Wings, et al., are what every other teams in their respective leagues try to emulate. The Oakland A’s are often brought up as the team that does it well without money. The team that turned to alternative, innovative ways to win baseball games. But every year they finish with a poor rank, draft well (have high picks), develop, and then trade those assets when they need to and start over. The cycle repeats and they long stay a team that is utterly stagnant. All they really do is just exist as a ball club. Long gone are the days of the powerhouse 70s As, or even the at least-making-the-playoffs Moneyball era. That said, take it from a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, spending money does not automatically translate to success either. There is so much more to it. So the impact of new plaintiffs being added- being current players to this NCAA lawsuit is huge. Maybe Elliott can help me out here, but if the judge decides this lawsuit has merits as a class action suit, then holy fuck. NCAA is looking at monetary in the billions I gather. I always wondered before why no one filled a lawsuit before based on the NCAA allegedly violating anti-trust law with the use of their likeness for no payment. This may open that bigger door of players being paid down the road with the TV rights- broadcasting of games, playoffs. And as far as Jay Z goes, I think the agent move will be good for him. He has shown with his recent work, as well as his music’s ability to hit the mainstream, that he is great at branding. His venture with the Nets was just an extension of that. In the end, he only had a tiny stake in the team. He is insanely rich, but he does not have that Russian billionaire money.

  8. Now, the possible lifetime suspension of AROD will throw a lot of fire on that “Sports Karma”/Evil Empire notion on the Yankees, because it is not a far leap at all to suggest that New York will be pushing as hard for this lifetime ban as the league will. The only way the Yankees come out of this not looking as something evil and sleazy for their ability to get out of that massive contract will be because it is AROD. And who the fuck supports that dude? If so, this point will really blow a hole in the middle part of my last post.

  9. Manzel – He probably wants to get out A&M because he was lifetime Longhorn fan before Mack wanted to make him a defensive back. He even has a longhorn tattoo on his check.

    NBA Amnesty – the reason that amnesty clause exists, because the salary cap went down a few years ago. Allowing teams that signed deals expected to have a higher salary cap to hit the ejector seat button on bad contracts.

  10. I am sad I missed the home run derby live but I will totally catch the next live show you guys do. Also I love the rage select cross over idea!

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