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Inside The Locker: Regeneration

“Very special episode” is a term that gets thrown around a lot, and usually it denotes a moment in which a perky young sitcom star makes the tough decision to not give in to peer pressure or, let’s face it, someone gets touched in a bad place.

We’re hoping this episode of Inside the Locker, which may be our most special to date, only touches you in the very best of places. The guys join forces with The Daily Dot (specifically Logan and our old buddy Ramon) to discuss the NBA Finals (for the last time we promise), the NBA draft lottery, and the Women’s World Cup.

They also answer some fan questions and discuss their favorite endings in film, TV, and videogames.

Finally, we close on a very important announcement that our few remaining fans may just be interested in.  Cheers to you all, sports nerds!

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