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Inside The Locker: Bash Brothers

On this week’s edition, one particular sport takes center ice. With the help of our very special guest, Neil Miller (Publisher of Film School Rejects), we face-off over our favorite hockey movies, the appeal of the game, and whether or not drinking melted ice from The United Center will give you hockeytitis. As per usual, we also cover the biggest and most bonkers sports headlines and give you our pick as to which athlete might be a cyborg.

Skate yourself into another terrific episode of Inside the Locker! And definitely check out Film School Rejects for some truly ingenious film reviews and articles.

Show Breakdown:

Scores and Stories (3:48)

Alex Rodriguez Trouble

Topics Discussed: Major changes to the NFL Pro Bowl, Jolly Rancher sidelines Cowboys safety, Houston’s Terrence Jones is a giant dickbag, MLB hands down the list of players to be suspended in Biogenesis scandal, PGA legend Gary Player hatin’ on McIlroy’s game, Chicago Blackhawks selling rather unusual souvenirs.


He Might Be a Cyborg (45:56): Florida State TE Nick O’Leary

The man walks away from a horrific motorcycle accident with no serious injuries? Test that guy for performance-enhancing cybernetics!


Main Topic: Hockey (49:28)

Chicago Blackhawks

Neil Miller breaks down his midwest hockey upbringing, we discuss the gladiatorial aspects of the game, delve into the most thrilling aspects of this year’s Stanley Cup Finals, and then ice poetic on our favorite hockey movies.


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