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Inside The Locker: Soccer Bites

Sharpen your fangs, sports nerds, it’s time for the tastiest episode of Inside the Locker we’ve yet prepared! It’s true we’ve been out of whack for a bit, what with all the World Cup whatnots, but we’re back! With a vengeance! Harder! The Second Story!

If you’re interested in catching up on our Game of Cups broadcasts, the good folks at BroJackson compiled them all on their Soundcloud site! (From 13 days back to 11 days back)


Let’s knock off the jibber-jabber and get to it!



Not-So-Secret Agents (4:32)

Melo As A Bull

The wheel of NBA free agency begins to turn. Is Lebron leaving? Melo moving? Love lost in the shuffle? We talk about all the various mercenary scenarios. We also discuss how Joel Embiid’s injury may further shake up the distribution of talent next year.


Chewing on Suarez (28:02)

APTOPIX Brazil Soccer WCup Italy Uruguay

Uruguayan soccer phenom Luis Suarez has unusual appetites. We’re not talking about romantic insatiability, gambling, or drugs…no, he has a taste for HUMAN FLESH! For the third time in his career, Suarez has bitten an opponent on the pitch. This time, it was Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini. We’re less concerned about what FIFA will do to Suarez and more concerned with what Chiellini might spread to Brazil and then, dare we say, the world!


And The Rest (51:27)


A new(ish) segment cataloging those stories that, much like The Professor and poor Mary Ann, weren’t quite important enough to be headliners. We talk about Evan Turner’s disappointing drive (and we don’t mean to the basket), Hope Solo going HAM on her family (and we don’t mean Mia), a 17yo girl punks 50 Cent on the baseball field.


Cheers from the Cheap Seats (61:30)


We answer some of your tweeted questions including a thoroughly in-depth (probably moreso than is deserved) discussion on our preferred giant robots with which to go into battle.


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