Inside The Locker: Most Valuable


We wanted to talk sports for this whole show. We had planned to do nothing but dissect and pontificate about the events and players making headlines this week; delivering mathematical analysis and keen insight.

Then the Star Wars trailer happened.

Granted, we were never going to be THAT insightful anyway, but still how could we NOT talk about the Force Awakens trailer?! In addition, we play another sci-fi-centric round of IMD-Bo! We also engage in a roundtable discussion of the exciting finish to the 2015 NBA regular season and give our (very bizarre) picks for MVP.

Enjoy the madness!


Show Breakdown…


IMD-Bo! (2:53)


In honor of the new Stars Wars trailer, we focus on science-fiction for the latest installment of our IMDB synopsis game: IMD-Bo! This was easily the most thrilling game yet! One host was absolutely dominating the first few rounds only for the gap to be closed and a tie-breaker to be invented on the spot!



New Episode VII Trailer Talk (35:03)


The force awakens…as do our nerd boners. We break down this trailer NFL style, analyzing all the X’s and SolO’s. Brian also lays out his theory about who might just be the surprise villain of Episode VII!



MVP? (52:01)

Real MVP

J.C. tries to keep his composure as, while he offers legit perspective on the exciting regular NBA season finish, the other guys offer their clearly misguided picks for league MVP.



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1,659 thoughts on “Inside The Locker: Most Valuable”

  1. Austin/Chubblicious

    I love both Imdb game and the debate game you guys play, it would be awesome to see a return of that game.

  2. Great episode as always guys! I’m surprised you guys gave no love to Jabari Parker for rookie, but he most likely would’ve given Wiggens some competition had he not torn his ACL. But then again, no one seems to care about the Milwaukee Bucks. Also, why not give Jason Kidd Coach of the Year? You take the worst team last year and get them to the playoffs? Come on now!

  3. PS-I would pay great money to hear a commentary of Temple of Doom! I don’t get why that movie gets the shaft all the time!

      1. I myself have no problem with Temple of Doom (though the fact that I was too young to watch the gory scenes might be why I rarely watch it all the way through anymore), but I personally will drop what I’m doing to watch The Last Crusade anytime its on TV. Its Indy vs Nazis, and who doesn’t love to hate Nazis? Well, perhaps Neo-Nazis, but you get my drift.

  4. I can see Luke struggling with the Dark Side (makes sense), but I still pick Leia as the mystery villain. That would shake things up so much more than if it was Luke.

  5. I loved the episode but i have to make a seriously little nit pick with something Brian said, Midichlorians aren’t passed on biologically, If they were yoda would have 500 kids to make the jedi strong. In fact the idea of the force being passed on biologically was created in the original trilogy when the only force user to have kids has two that are supposedly force sensitive.

      1. Leia shows absolutely no sign of being force sensitive in any of the movies (and the extended universe is dead), and Luke is part of the chosen one prophecy (If Luke never challenges Vader than the emperor never betrays him and Vader never kills the emperor) so he is force sensitive in the same garbage destiny way as his father. Or maybe it’s a luck of the draw thing.

        1. No sign of force sensitivity? Then how do you explain the fact that despite being in the Millenium Falcon flying miles away from Cloud City, Leia could hear Luke’s plea for help clear as day (and you can’t say it wasn’t in the movie because it IS there).

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