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Inside The Locker: Most Valuable

We wanted to talk sports for this whole show. We had planned to do nothing but dissect and pontificate about the events and players making headlines this week; delivering mathematical analysis and keen insight.

Then the Star Wars trailer happened.

Granted, we were never going to be THAT insightful anyway, but still how could we NOT talk about the Force Awakens trailer?! In addition, we play another sci-fi-centric round of IMD-Bo! We also engage in a roundtable discussion of the exciting finish to the 2015 NBA regular season and give our (very bizarre) picks for MVP.

Enjoy the madness!


Show Breakdown…


IMD-Bo! (2:53)


In honor of the new Stars Wars trailer, we focus on science-fiction for the latest installment of our IMDB synopsis game: IMD-Bo! This was easily the most thrilling game yet! One host was absolutely dominating the first few rounds only for the gap to be closed and a tie-breaker to be invented on the spot!



New Episode VII Trailer Talk (35:03)


The force awakens…as do our nerd boners. We break down this trailer NFL style, analyzing all the X’s and SolO’s. Brian also lays out his theory about who might just be the surprise villain of Episode VII!



MVP? (52:01)

Real MVP

J.C. tries to keep his composure as, while he offers legit perspective on the exciting regular NBA season finish, the other guys offer their clearly misguided picks for league MVP.



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