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Inside The Locker: The Crossover

Movie news? On a sports podcast? Brian leads the other locker rats through a new game called The Crossover, which brings Godzilla and Masters of the Universe into the mix with the sports stories. Can the crew guess which joke headlines pertain to movies vs. sports?

The guys also hand out their requisite awards, talk about Elliott’s trade rape, what toppings we would choose for the Matt Schaub Pick 6 Burger, discuss an obviously robotic high school running back, and update the mystical ITL Pensieve.

Listen up, sports nerds!

Podcast Awards


Show Breakdown…

Scores and Stories (4:18)


Topics Discussed: New York strip clubs no longer showing Giants games, Godzilla Comic-Con footage, Imposters offering NFL coaches USC coaching gig, Masters of the Universe gets a writer, Streaker at the President’s Cup, Michael Vick & Julio Jones are two wounded birds, Disney Hong Kong getting Iron Man ride.


Main Topic: Awards, Awards, Burgers, & Awards (31:57)

Gif Courtesy of Bleacher Report

Gif Courtesy of Bleacher Report

Once again giving out The Fredo, The Rudy, The Pwn Zone, and the Oh My Goooooood Awards as well as inventing a new, probably rarely-to-be-used-henceforth award called The Hero They Don’t Deserve.


He Might Be A Cyborg: Riverside High School’s Joel Evans (54:50)


419yrds and 6 TDs on 12 carries! Yup, that young dude’s a robot.


Weekly Fantasy Report (57:18)

J.C. gives a roundup of the leaders in the four ITL Fantasy Football Leagues. Brian goes back to losing thanks to the decision to bench T.Y. Hilton, Elliott commits trade rape, and the rest of the guys give some valuable Week 6 fantasy advice.


Matt Schaub Pick 6 Burger Segment (85:03)


Inspired by a mean-spirited restaurant promotion, the guys pick the six toppings they would pile on a burger in honor of Matt Schaub and the struggling Houston Texans. Not sure if Texans fans will be more offended or hungry.

The ITL Pensieve (89:55)


The one place Brian still dominates. The guys predict the Week 6 NFL winners as well as by how many points Oklahoma will destroy Texas on Saturday.


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