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Inside the Locker: Were You Ready For Some Football?

Earlier this week, the boys of Inside the Locker gathered together to watch Monday Night Football. They were joined by two of their friends, filmmaker Tyler Mager and diehard Charger fan Andrew Crawford.

Not only did they shout things at the screen as plays unfolded, they also ran through the usual ITL playbook.

Awards, cyborgs, and shouting! Oh my!


Show Breakdown…


Opening Kick-Off (30:26)



The Colts just could not get anything going on offense, nor did they seem to have an answer for San Diego’s running attack. This frustrates Brian and Tyler to no end. Listen to their ranting during the commentary proper.


Awards! (113:35)

Seattle Kicker Gif

Once again giving out The Fredo, The Rudy, The Pwn Zone, and the Oh My Goooooood Awards. Elliott once again refuses to play by the rules and picks a college game as best NFL game of the week.


He Might Be A Cyborg: Army’s Terry Baggett (150:55)


The young running back put up 304 yards and scored four touchdowns in a performance that put Army in first among FBS schools in the yards-per-game category. ROBOT! MILITARY ROBOT!


The ITL Pensieve


Updated and current, but somehow not mentioned during the show. The current rankings are…

Brian: 48-28
JC: 45-31
Adam: 43-33
Elliott: 42-34


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