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Inside The Locker: Beef Nuggets!!!

Yes, the intrepid sports nerds of Inside the Locker talk a whole heap about the lifetime ban of Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the NBA. And rest assured, the current NBA playoff picture is discussed with special guest: rapper and friend of the show PHZ-Sicks. And fear not, the guys also engage in some hilarious hypotheticals thanks to your tweeted questions. But let’s be entirely honest, the real reason to listen to this episode is to discover the origin of Beeeeeeef Nuggets!!!

It’s better if you don’t ask, just listen. And get familiar with Beef Nuggets, you’re gonna be hearing it a lot.


Show Breakdown…


Scores & Stories (2:05)


Topics Discussed: Donald Sterling meets The Ban Hammer, Star Wars Episode VII cast announced, Israel Idonije’s comic book, Update from the VY Drone: Vince is headed to the QB Phantom Zone, Is Jerry Jones crazy supervillain enough to trade Tony Romo for the No. 1 pick to get Johnny Hubris?



NBA Playoff Breakdown (with Special Guest PHZ-Sicks) (44:12)


Longtime friend of the show, rapper PHZ-Sicks, calls in to break down, like a mad genius professor, the current climate of the NBA playoffs. PHZ schools all of us with his Sick knowledge of the game so this segment is definitely for hardcore baskethoop fans only.

You should ABSOLUTELY be checking out and supporting PHZ-Sicks’ tracks, the guy is absurdly talented.

Here’s his latest music video…


Cheers from the Cheap Seats (79:09)

We take a few of your Twitter questions leading to one of the most hilariously hostile hypothetical discussion to date. This is also the pivotal segment in which the world is introduced to Beef Nuggets; the man and the now trademark catchphrase.



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