Inside The Locker: Judgement Day


Yeah yeah yeah, the Super Bowl…whatever.

The real reason to listen to this episode of Inside the Locker, is that we sports nerds may have completely broken The Terminator franchise. As it turns out, John Connor is a selfish prick whose play-calling may have been even worse than Pete Carroll’s.

We also count down the best and worst SB movie trailers, discuss other terribly play-calling from the cinesports universe, talk about how the Fast & Furious franchise should end, and explain the creative changes we would implement to make certain sports more competitive/fun/dangerously irresponsible.

Download and listen to the new show. What are you waiting for, Judgement Day?

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815 thoughts on “Inside The Locker: Judgement Day”

  1. The Loser Richard Sherman: No, I don’t think college athletes are given enough time to really take advantage of the free education that they’re given, and it’s frustrating because a lot of people get upset with student-athletes and say they’re not focused on school and they’re not taking advantage of the opportunity they’re given. I would love for a regular student to have a student-athlete’s schedule during the season for just one quarter or one semester and show me how you balance that.

    The winner Gronk: The last book I read was in 9th Grade. A mocking bird to remember, I think that’s what it’s called.

    Stupidity won on Sunday 🙁

    1. Last week we made mention of the 2013 documentary “Schooled: The Price of College Sports” and one of the major points of the broken system is that while you are provided a free education as a scholarship athlete and the school always advertises that “school comes first” a student-athlete’s free ride is completely at the mercy of the coaching staff and athletic director from year-to-year.

      Each year the athlete’s scholarship runs out, and they reapply. If the coaching staff isn’t satisfied with that player’s performance on the field they can revoke the scholarship to make room for a replacement player. So, simply just to maintain their scholarship they actually HAVE to focus on the sport first if they want to stay in school (or just not have to pay for it).

      1. I’m gonna watch that, then show my big sister. She’s a professor of Philo at Pitt, and a college athlete student forged a doctors note to explain why he wasn’t able to come to class or do the assignments, so she’s kind of bitter about this.

        1. It’s streaming on Netflix. That’s not to say that it still isn’t the kid’s responsibility to do well (Sherman graduated from Stanford for god’s sakes), but compounding the troubles many athletes already have coming in to the upper-education atmosphere at an academic level on top of a pressure to perform well on the field, it gets a little easier to see how a student-athlete would choose to focus on their sport 90% of the time, sleep 9% of the time and then offer what little energy and time they have left to actually learning something outside of the confines of their sport.

          Give it a watch, it’s infuriatingly enlightening. The primary focus of the documentary is on how the NCAA and universities have banked on the backs of student-athletes since it became a multi-billion dollar industry, but a good portion of the material takes time to focus on the faux payment system of free education and how fragile that single source of income actually is; and ultimately why so many athletes, especially in football and basketball, won’t even come close to graduating or leaving school with any semblance of an applicable skill-set outside of football or basketball.

          I’m also really curious to hear what a professor would have to say on the matter since she’s the one having to deal with students who are practically forced to be in school instead of choosing to be.

          1. Thanks. Well, my sister said that the administration was very protective of this kid, and didn’t feel like punishing him harshly. I brought up the comparison between Gronk and Sherman because it just makes me so sad.

            By the way, I was meaning to ask. I’ve been looking in the subscriber forums for the Ravens @ Saints commentary, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Do you know where it is?

  2. I’m amazed how quickly the trailer talk went into a full reexamination of now how stupid the plot of the whole Terminator franchise is. This is utterly incredible.

    I still love the first two and Sarah Connor Chronicles, but this could be the best examination of the franchise in a while.

    Also I loved the Pete Carroll comparisons, had me laughing the whole car-ride home today.

  3. brian i completely understand the anger and the frustration with the patriots but when are we going to begin our investigation on aaron rodgers and the packers over inflated is still cheating

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