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Inside The Locker: Athletes Are Not Good At Twitter

Your favorite sports nerds, minus Brian and Elliott but with the addition of our good friend Tyler Mager, are back for what promises to be the most enjoyable self-proclaimed shit show this side of ESPN’s Highly Questionable.

The guys have plenty to discuss this week! Well actually, this is annually documented as one of THE SLOWEST sports news weeks of the year so there’s not a lot to talk about. That being said, we did miss LeBron’s return to Cleveland announcement by one day last week so you know there will be discussion to that end. Further, the guys delve into the strange new phenomenon of NBA players being absolutely terrible at Twitter.

We also resurrect a couple of the weekly ITL Awards including Frittata and a very interesting He/She Might Be a Cyborg Challenge!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like sports, laughter is our podcast’s national pastime…or something more eloquent I guess.



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